Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dollar Sale

Yesterday, while I was writing my post about the currency crisis, the government held a garage sale and they were selling dollars.

Argentina's peso closed steady Wednesday due to a massive central bank dollar sale, but bonds fell for an 11th consecutive session due to continued concerns over a government plan to take over private pensions.

Just thought the timing was kind of funny.

Basically, investors flocked to the dollar fearing that the Argentine´s nationalization of the nation´s private pension funds was a money grab to keep the country from defaulting on its debt.

Argentina just can´t get a break, sort of like McCain these days.

Meanwhile I am still waiting for the price of chocolate, butter, eggs, transportation, etc. to go down... any day now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dollar anyone?

You know it´s gotta be bad when not even Mexicans want to be paid in dollars, and Brazil and Argentina turn their back on the greenback, when trading among themselves.

But what gives? I have been reading that economies will be going to the dollar.

Well, in the case of Argentina and Brazil, the move is supposed to save money for small and medium sized businesses by lowering the costs involved in changing from one currency to another. I don´t know much about Mexico´s state right now to talk about them... anyone?

But a decrease in demand, and therefore a decrease in commerce all around, would seem to give Brazil and Argentina reason enough to give us little guys a hand this way.

The consensus seems to be that we are heading into a currency crisis.

So what does that mean for us in this part of the world? Well, I have been approached by some of our big clients and have been told in no uncertain terms that we have to lower our prices.

Hmmm, does this sound like deflation?

The only trouble is that I have yet seen a decrease in my own costs. This might be something that will be coming down the line for me. I mean, I have some clients who are gigantic, compared to me, and they feel the ripples way before I do. In some cases, these giants do not even bother to pass on the savings to their own customers. But lucky for me, I do not deal with that company.

So while Don Corleone was pitching me a deal I could not refuse, I was wondering if maybe he could pay me in dollars, or would that question buy me a fishing trip to Lake Tahoe?

Meanwhile you can check out a fantastic site focused on explaining the Monumental Clusterfuck of a Financial Mess my beloved USA has gotten us all into.

Financial Crisis for Beginners

Sunday, October 26, 2008

US Election Night

For those of you in Buenos Aires, Democrats Abroad has finally picked a place to watch the historic event with a slingbox connection to CNN from the USA.

If you want to know why it took so long you can click here. Otherwise I will see you November 4th.

Sacramento Resto Bar
El Salvador 5729
Palermo Hollywood
Buenos Aires
...from 9pm to whenever! Free and open to the public!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Okay, I have never been much of a joiner. I have never been much into politics and this year I have Fox Noise to blame as well as the past 8 years of a disastrous manhandling of the country by GWB for getting me all interested in what is going on.

But it´s not fair to be solely motivated by hatred. In fact, I am really liking the hope that I feel for my country and I am not alone. Jessica (high school friend of mine) wrote a great post today that mirrored much of what I feel.

Yanqui Mike has been writing great posts for a while now, and in his tireless efforts managed to organize Democrats Abroad here in Argentina providing me with an outlet for my hatred/hope. Now, thanks to him, I have picked a side.

I also love seeing all the sites that are out there keeping track of the shenanigans of not only fox noise but bullshit in general. Thanks Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Indecision 2008, Media Matters, Crooks and Liars, Pharyngula, and Huffington Post.

There are others, but I do have a life and can´t spend the whole day in front of a computer you know. I have to take over Argentina with cookies and brownies. Speaking of others though. I leave you with this very funny video.

This is from This Week in Blackness.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Liberal = Leftist = Terrorist

This person is actually a representative from Minnesota? This is embarrassing stuff. Minnesota you have to get your act together and vote her out of office.

Michele Bachman is a complete idiot.

Thanks to Pharyngula you have a link to the person she is running against.

What is happening to my country? It is quickly showing a fascist side and it is scary. We need more people out there to stand up to this nonsense.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Regalos Corporativos / Corporate Gifts 2008

Last year we were in a rush to try to get the new gifts out in time, but we didn´t make it. By the time we had finally settled on the format, the box, the variety, it was too late to place orders for the boxes.

So we have been sitting on these ideas, pictures, etc. for almost a year now.

What do you think?

Last year our Pan Dulce (Panettone) was included in an article in Bacanal and they not only put us on their short list of best Pan Dulces (Panettones), but we were the only one that was shelf stable on that list. The other Panettones were from specialty bakeries, and local famous cheffs.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

28th Year Anniversary

I really enjoy reading from the writers of the Daily Show (Indecision 2008). Click on the image above to find out the significance of the number 28.

Happy 28th Year Anniversary to John McCain.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Next up, Sarah vs Joe

This time there is no cover charge at the door. And just to wet your appetite a little you can read these:

Sarah Palin on Dinosaurs, Cavemen and Sleestaks
Wanna See Sarah Palin Naked?
McCain Urges Treasury to Act Without Legislation on Bailout (and he wanted 1 Trillion dollars).
Witches, Fine... But Does Sarah Palin Believe in Religious Tolerance?
What's it Like to Debate Sarah Palin?

and see what Sarah is up against...

Biggest Debate Watching Party on the Planet!

Congratulations to Mike and gang of Democrats Abroad. Last week they organized the biggest debate watching party on the planet.

I knew there were a lot of people. Some of the people that I saw were:

Gina Gattone of Buenos Aires Style.
Maya of Sexy Spanish Club in Buenos Aires and hubby Tom Frost.
Kevin Dwyer of El Pavo Real B&B.
Cliff Williamson of Transpack.

and many more.