Wednesday, October 21, 2009

50 Years!

What does Micheal Jackson and a Southern Right Whale have in common?

I had no idea until I heard one of my daughter's classmates come up with a clever mnemonic device at an open house. Their class was making a presentation on different animals that can be found in Argentina.

His turn came up and the teacher asked him what the life expectancy of a Southern Right Whale was. After chewing it over a little bit his eyes lit up and said "50 years, just like Micheal Jackson!".

He is 7 years old.

Just to clarify, no one really knows for sure the life expectancy, but I found several sites that mention 50+ years, so this works for me.

Picture from All Shows Blog.

Just a coincidence that Micheal wore his glove on his right hand?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tentate Cookies at Your Nearest Kiosco

We are still in the initial stages of launching these new cookies. So far, Open 25 is very interested as is SAM Mercados Urbanos among others...

You can find our new Tentate cookies at these locations!

Open 25 stores:
Abasto Shopping Mall (two shops, one on the food court)
Alto Palermo (Loc 2-G)
Av Cabildo 601
Av Cabildo 801
Av Cabildo 902
Av Cabildo 1562
Av Cabildo 2102
Av Cabildo 2302
Av Cabildo 2501
Puerto Madero
Florida 2
Florida 272
Florida 364
Florida 425
Florida 512
Florida 605
Florida 708
Florida 888
Florida 970
Galeria Pacifico (food court)
Dot Shopping Center (3 locations, one on each floor)
Paseo Alcorta Shopping Mall
Solar de la Abadia Shopping Mall - Arce 940, piso 2
Ezeiza Airport (3 locations)
Aeroparque (1 location)

SAM Mercados Urbanos:
Av Cordoba 1201
Marcelo T. de Alvear 1699 (esq. Rodriguez Peña)
Paraguay 902 (esq. Suipacha)
Quintana 108
Rosario 756
Güemes 3048

Pierina Dealessi 260, dique 4, Puerto Madero
Malabia 1720, Palermo Viejo (starting today)
Malabia 1637, Palermo Viejo
Mira Vida Soho
Darregueyra 2050, Palermo Viejo
Reconquista 479, Microcentro
Viamonte 673, Microcentro

I will be updating this list shortly...

By the way, read what San Telmo Loft has to say about our new cookies via Twitter:
had @SugarandSpiceAr cookies called Tentate. delicious. thrilled they can be found near SanTelmo in Puerto Madero. congrats Frank.
Which one is your favorite: Intense Chocolate / Chocolate Chip / Dulce de Leche with Chocolate Chips.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who Invented the Italian Beef?

Maybe it should be called the Chicago Beef since you can't find this little baby anywhere outside the windy city. And before any of you Chicago natives living in Buenos Aires get overly excited, no you can not find them in Buenos Aires either.

On my previous trips I did not get the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite sandwiches and today, through the magic of Facebook, I stumbled across an article that led me to a web-site that wrote the straight dope on Chicago.

One of the articles was on the origins of this sandwich. My taste buds kicked into gear and reminded me that if I don't eat at least one of these on my next trip to Chicago, I will have to stop calling myself a Chicagoan.

Apparently, there was a poll on America's favorite sandwich and my beloved Italian Beef came out third. That is not bad considering that the only place you can find these are in Chicago. That's a pretty heavy handicap to be playing with 'cause the other two you can find just about everywhere.

You can read all about the poll and what's coming down the pipeline with regards to Italian Beef at this site called

This little sandwich is about to be introduced to the rest of the country. Wait 'till next year Philly Cheesesteak.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Entrepreneur Invasion

I was interviewed a while back and I just found out about the article in Apertura magazine being on-line. Actually, the article mentions a whole bunch of fellow expat entrepreneurs:

Martin Frankel with Areatres, Sugar Bar and Expat-Connection.
Micheal Evans with Vines of Mendoza.
Jordan Metzner and Sam Nadler with California Burrito Company.
Micheal Legge with Natural Deli
Rémi Noiriel with Jacarandá Films
Nigel Tollerman with 0800 Vinos
Daniel Rosenber & Liran Jakob with Minihostels
Maria Macdonald with
Jed Rothenberg with

This happens to be a partial list by the way. Any other expat entrepreneur out there that would like to chime in and let us know of your businesses go ahead and let us know about you in the comments.

Google Maps & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today we are in Google Maps! Go ahead, give it a try.

Type in Sugar and Spice, Buenos Aires and you should see an entry for us there. Actually, there are two entries; the other one is a mistake. You can tell ours by the picture of the store.

So it will be that much easier to find the most delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie in Argentina, as well as oatmeal raisin, biscotti, brownies, etc. and you can find out why the Chocolate Chip Cookie is the most popular cookie in the United States.

And now you can have that same experience here in Argentina.

************ Castellano **********

Hoy estamos en Google Maps! Dale, proba el link.

Tipea Sugar and Spice, Buenos Aires y veras nuestro local en el mapa. El nuestro tiene una foto en la descripción.

Ahora sera un poco más fácil encontrar la más rica Cookie de Chocolate Chips en Argentina. También tenemos sabores como la de avena y pasa, biscotti, brownies, etc.

Sabes que en EEUU 53% de adultos que participaron en un estudio sobre galletitas eligieron ese sabor como su favorito.

Dado que nosotros tenemos las cookies autenticas, pasá por nuestro local para ver que es lo que les fascinan a los Estadounidenses. Esto lo digo yo que soy un Estadounidense viviendo en Argentina.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Maraton Nacional de Lectura 2009

Last year more than 3,500,000 kids participated in the annual reading marathon. This year Fundacion Leer would like to reach even more kids.

This weekend there is bound to be coverage of the nationwide event in the newspapers and local media. Sugar & Spice is proud to lend a helping hand.