Saturday, June 26, 2010

What does Argentina vs Mexico mean to you?

Mexico vs Argentina is not just a highly charged game between the current favorite team and one that is inconsistent, at times playing great and falling flat the next.

To me this game is wrapped up in feelings that are polar opposites.

Argentina is my new home, my kids were born here, my wife and her family are from here; I have friends who are Argentine.

I also have family that lives in Mexico and I actually lived there as a little boy.

I was asked, who I would cheer for. I don't even know that response.

I can't plan who I am going to cheer the loudest for because that is asking me who I am planning on not cheering for.

My list of football countries is pretty short and in first place has been, and will most likely always be, the United States. After that, it has been Mexico,  Colombia and now I add Argentina.

10 years ago I would not even have hesitated. I would cheer for Mexico. Now that I eat, live, and breath Argentina, I am not so sure.

Something similar happened during the '94 World Cup when on the 22nd of June the USA faced what was then the pre-tournament favorite to win that year, Colombia. After 5 minutes I realized that this was going to be a great game and I had to leave the room and watch it by myself.

My dad is from Colombia and I just could not stand to sit there and yell out the USA goals in front of him.

The US turned out winning that game 2 to 1 and it was the game that would lead to Andres Escobar's tragic death.

It's going to be a little awkward. My head is with Argentina and my heart is with Mexico.

Whatever the outcome I will be glad for the team that passes through and saddened for the one that gets to go home.

To all my Argentine friends and family I wish you luck.

To all my Mexican friends and family I also wish you luck.

I will be somewhere in the middle enjoying and suffering at the same time.

Monday, June 7, 2010

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

South Africa and Argentina: The World Cup and Beyond

ICANA is hosting a series of breakfast networking meetings that are sponsored by Sugar & Spice among others like Nespresso, La Mejor Flor, Sessa Editores, Nuss Palermo Soho, Telecom, St. George´s College, etc.

I arrived at the previous one a bit late that had the US ambassador presenting. I have met her like 5 times already. I don´t think I even met the previous ambassadors at least once, but then again, I am expanding the circles that I am moving in. I mean, I met Christina Kirchner this year as well. It should be normal that I meet my own country´s ambassador right?

This time around it´s the South African ambassador Mr.Anthony James Leon´s turn. The topic is South Africa and the World Cup and basically it´s a networking meeting. So, if you would be interested in going just call the number below or write and reserve your seat before Wednesday the 2nd. Seating is limited to 50 people.


Did I mention this was free? 

Original press release in Spanish follows below: 

Breakfast  Club Argentina
 Ciclo 2010
 Tenemos el agrado de invitar a Ud. a participar del segundo desayuno del ciclo 2010 
el día viernes 4 de Junio a las 8.45 hs en  ICANA, Maipú 686

  “South Africa and Argentina: The World Cup and beyond 
(la presentación será en inglés con traducción simultánea)

Orador: SE Sr Embajador Anthony James Leon

Embajador de Sudáfrica en Argentina desde octubre de 2009. Con anterioridad, se desempeñó como miembro del Parlamento y la Asamblea Nacional en su país, siendo líder del Partido Democrático. Es Licenciado en Leyes y Licenciado en Filosofía y Letras. Trabajó como abogado y miembro de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos en Sudáfrica.

 Inés  Etchebarne - Directora Cultural
 Dr.  Enrique Pinedo - Presidente 
RSVP: invitación  personal e intransferible - agradecemos su respuesta antes del día  miércoles 2 de Junio
a -  5382 1537
  • Promocionar  el desarrollo de contactos a través del intercambio, social,  cultural y de negocios  
  • Facilitar  oportunidades de Negocios
  • Desayunos de  Networking para Extranjeros y Argentinos  
  • Desarrollo de  contactos  
  • Facilitar la  inserción social de extranjeros en el país
Estructura de  los Desayunos
  • 8:45  Acreditación  
  • 9.15  Apertura: Breakfast Club  
  • 9.25  Presentación: "Tema a exponer" a cargo del orador invitado.  
  • 9.50  Preguntas y Respuestas  
  • 10.00 Cierre  del Desayuno e Intercambio de Tarjetas entre los  participantes.
Agenda  Anual
  • 6  desayunos  
  • 50 invitados  por desayuno
Esta iniciativa surge del  trabajo en conjunto del Instituto Cultural Argentino Norteamericano  -ICANA-, MIRABAIRES Y BREAKFAST CLUB MIAMI, con la necesidad de  crear un espacio de intercambio donde ejecutivos argentinos y  extranjeros puedan desarrollar contactos sociales y laborales  generando oportunidades de negocios. Siguiendo el modelo de  Breakfast Club Miami iniciamos en 2005 Breakfast Club Argentina  adaptándolo a las necesidades e intereses del público argentino y  manteniendo el concepto de un desayuno de networking. Participaron de Breakfast Club Argentina: el Embajador Earl Anthony  Wayne, Jorge Lanata, John Wolf -Presidente de la Eisenhower Fellowship-,Clarisa Estol, el Juez Anthony Scirica, Julio Saguier, Eduardo Elsztain, Cristiano Rattazzi, Sergio Bergman, Daniel Scioli, Luiggi Pallaro, entre otros.