Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Sugar & Spice Bagels and Specialty Cookies!

Yep, you are seeing this right. We decided to go more bakery on you!

Every Tuesday we will be baking small batches of bagels. We will have sesame seed bagels (dark and white sesame's and sometimes both seeds together), plain and cinnamon raisin.
Todos los martes vamos a hornear bagels. Vamos a tener bagels con semillas de sesamo (blancas y negras), con pasas y canela y también simples.
Truth be told, we have been working on these for a while. We even have some feedback from some local food bloggers.
Hemos estado trabajando sobre los bagels ya hace un tiempo. Es más, tenemos unos comentarios de un par de bloggers como...

Allie from Pick Up The Fork said of our bagel trials: "Once toasted with queso crema, I fell in love with the bagel and wanted more."

Dan from Saltshaker wrote of our bagel trials: "Nice aroma, smell of freshly baked bread, a touch of malt, very appealing...Color, beautifully browned on top and sides...with Amarantha gone, they're certainly the best I've tried in BA"

Now, more than ever, check out our tweeter feed @SugarandSpiceAr (it's side linked here on this blog as well for your convenience) and I will let everyone know when the bagels come out of the oven.
Ahora, más que nunca, visita nuestro Twitter @SugarandSpiceAr para saber cuando salen del horno nuestras nuevas delicias!

We will also have specialty cookies available that you can buy individually. These are not wrapped, they are baked in small batches and taken downstairs to our store.
También vamos a tener cookies especiales que se pueden comprar individualmente. Las horneamos en lotes pequeños y van directamente a nuestro local.
Pictured are orange biscotti and chocolate chip walnut biscotti for example. We also currently have some dark chocolate beauties like the ones pictured below:
Las que figuran en la foto son unas biscotti con trozos de naranja y unos biscotti con trozos de chocolate con nueces. También tenemos unas cookies de chocolate negro con avellanas como figuran en la foto abajo.
Those are hazelnuts poking out of a dark chocolate dough. We also couldn't help ourselves and made some dark chocolate cookies with large orange chunks!
Sí, esas son avellanas las que salen de la masa de chocolate negro! También horneamos unas cookies de chocolate negro con trozos de naranja!
So, if you are in the neighborhood now you have a really good reason to stop by our store. I won't take it personally if you come for the cookies instead of to see me. I think I can live with that ;-)
Por lo tanto, si están por el barrio ya tienen una excelente razón para pasar por nuestro local. No lo tomare en forma personal si a lo que vienen es por las cookies y no para verme a mi.


Miki said...

Oh, I could totally use a few chocolate cookies right now, yum! :P

Julieta GB said...

Que genial combinación la de choco y naranja, se ven deliciosas!!! Voy a tener que darme una vuelta por el local.
Saludos, Frank!

What a great combination, chocolate and orange, they look delicious!!! I think I must rush to the shop.
Cheers, Frank!

Unknown said...

We'll be waiting for you! By the way your dulce de leche and chocolate tart looks amazing!