Friday, August 13, 2010

Un Techo Para Mi País

This multinational non profit started in Chile back in 1997. Today they operate in 18 countries building homes for those least fortunate.

They approached us last year asking for food donations for the holiday season. They recently reached out to us again and we sent them some cookies for a "Día del Niño" event they were holding.

This time they sent us pictures as a thank you and I was touched.

Tumblr link with more pictures.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alejandro Carosella

Live music; wine from Bodega Salentein; Argentina´s yummiest Chocolate Chip cookies; Passion for Chocolate cookies; and Pan de Pizza savory cookies while you take in some culture. What could be better than that?

Mark your calenders for the 11th of August at 7pm.

The culture is supplied by Alejandro Carosella.

By the way, here is a Texan´s point of view of Bodega Salentein.