Monday, November 24, 2008

Podcast Reminder - The Socially Responsible Cookie

Patt Gilmore stopped by the store last week and we had a chat over coffee and cookies. She surprised me by putting the interview up right away. If you would like to hear it you can click here.

Her site is called What´s the Frequency Argentina?

While you visit her site you can also listen to her other recent interviews covering ice cream, grilling meat, etc. She also has an audio book called Squatting Over a Bucket Under the Argentine Moon.

If you have iTunes you can also look up her podcast and listen to it on your iPod.

You are sure to find something to interest you at her site.

Oh, that non-profit that I could not remember during the interview is CCRAI.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Radio Reminder - Pan Dulce (Panettone)

Mañana me van a entrevistar en la radio en el programa de Adalberto Rossi "Cátedra
Avícola y Agropecuaria
" am750 entre las 7 y 8 horas de la mañana. El tema sera sobre el Pan Dulce.

Obviamente voy a hablar sobre el Pan Dulce de Tus Sueños.


I am going to be on the radio again. What, you haven´t heard me on the radio?

I can´t blame you. I haven´t mentioned it before. I have been pretty bad about that so from now on I am going to try to let everyone in on those little events before hand.

Tomorrow, between 7am and 8am Argentina time, I will be interviewed on a show called "Cátedra
Avícola y Agropecuaria
" on am750. The topic is going to be Pan Dulce (Panettone).

Obviously I am going to talk about the Panettone of Your Dreams.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pan Dulce de Tus Sueños / Panettone of Your Dreams

Cuando decidimos hacer pan dulce no queríamos hacer uno más de lo que ya estaba en el mercado. Haber iniciado en el mundo de los pan dulces me dí cuenta que yo no era el único a quien la mayoría de los pan dulces no gustaban.

Me encontraba con más personas que me declaraban su disgusto por la fruta abrillantada por ejemplo, o que no les gusta el pan dulce seco y otros a quien sí les gusta el pan dulce seco.

Nuestro pan dulce esta hecho para mi, porque a mi me gusta un pan dulce con frutas secas como avellanas, almendras, nueces, castañas de caju, cascara de naranja y pasas de uva maceradas en coñac.

Este año decidimos dejar a ustedes decidir que ingredientes irán en su pan dulce, el *pan dulce de tus sueños.

* Por favor tomen nota de los ingredientes disponibles en el cuadro al inicio de esta nota.

El costo del pan dulce de tus sueños es de $65 pesos (x 1 kg).

  • El pedido requiere una seña de 50% del valor con un anticipo de 7 a 10 días.
  • Con su compra de su pan dulce puede recibir un descuento de 10% sobre el resto de los productos en nuestro local.
  • Si piden un pan dulce sin ingredientes pueden descontar $10 pesos del precio.
  • Si piden el pan dulce con estuche esmerilado por favor agregar $10 pesos al precio.


When we started making panettone, we did not want to make just another panettone that would get lost in the shuffle. We wanted to make one different from what was already out there. I soon met others that felt the same way I did about the majority of the panettones in Argentina.

They would tell me that they really disliked the candied fruit or how many of them where dry and some people actually preferred the dry ones.

Our panettone is made for me basically. I like my panettone chock full of hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, candied orange peel, and Cognac soaked raisins.

But this year we have decided to let you have a say as to how to make your panettone. You tell us what ingredients to make it with and we will make the *panettone of your dreams.

* Please note the available ingredients in the logo above.

The price of the panettone of your dreams is $65 pesos (1 kg).

  • To place your order for your Panettone you need to leave a deposit of 50% of the value of the panettone and give us 7 to 10 days to have it ready for you.
  • With your purchase of this panettone you can also get a 10% discount off your purchase of any other products in our store.
  • If you order a panettone with no ingredients then you can subtract $10 pesos from the price.
  • If you want the special plastic see through case then please add $10 pesos to the price.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sara Palin is so Dumb...

This is so brilliant and simple. Here is a sample and if you feel inspired you can send in your own:

...she took an umbrella to see Purple Rain.

...she thought Boyz II Men was a day care center.

...she called Dan Quayle for a spell check.

...she thought a quarterback was the new tax refund.

...she sits on the tv and watches the couch.

...she thought soy milk was Spanish for I am milk.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did!

Yes, We Did!

Caption in the picture: "It is no longer a dream"
Thanks to Bloc de Periodista for that one.

Oh, no he didn´t...

Okay, we can still feel good,

But let´s remember to keep our feet on the ground...