Friday, December 3, 2010

Bueno Entonces...

I most likely would have used this if I had to learn Spanish. I am pretty much done with that since after 10 years in Argentina I am pretty fluent. However, this sounds fantastic for anyone who still needs to learn.

A fellow blogger called this "a mix between Rosetta Stone and Southpark".

Actually it is a serious Spanish language class that follows a linear story.

In it´s most basic it follows an English chap who just moved to Argentina to learn Spanish. Once here he gets a job making language videos; he is the student and Jimena is his very hot teacher. Obviously he tries to hit on her and she diplomatically skirts his advances.

Watching this was an exercise in DejaVu.

Apparently Ian Mount of GoodAirs and I shared the same infatuation/admiration for the always bra-less Valérie Allain in "French in Action". I tried not to miss a show.

Click here for Ian´s more complete account of what I am talking about.

Anyway, back to today. This is just a great product, convenient as hell since you can access it through your iPhone as well.

It´s funny, smart, focuses on Argentine Spanish and it has a beautiful teacher, what more can you ask for?


SaltShaker said...

I guess that must be why the program didn't "do it for me", I couldn't stand it, I spent all the time thinking about what a jerk the guy was being and wondering why anyone would make a language program that was so, well, tasteless. ;-)

I guess you need to be a straight guy into beautiful young girls...

Unknown said...

Guy? There was a guy in it? Just kidding.

By the way, did you ever see the French in Motion program? That was actually pretty good as far as an educational French program goes and you probably would not have been as distracted as Ian and myself most assuredly were. ;-)

st maarten said...

The show sounds cool. When i was England many years ago there used to a show on called "mind your language". Have you heard of this show? If so, does it have a similar story?