Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bacanal Loves Pan Dulce (Panettone)

This is the end of the Panettone (Pan Dulce) season for us. When we started Sugar & Spice, the idea was to bring to the market what was missing. We did not want to make alfajores for example because you can get one in every corner. We made one exception and that was Pan Dulce (Panettone).

Most Panettone in Argentina is made with candied fruit and I just do not like it. I know it´s a matter of taste--to each his own. However, there were so few options for those of us who only liked the more noble inclusions like hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts laced with orange peel and raisins soaked in cognac. Now it looks like there is some competition in the market place.

Bacanal went through the trouble of selecting their top 8 "most delicious and original" offerings and Sugar & Spice was among those chosen. We are rubbing elbows with the likes of Jean Paul Bondoux (Alvear Palace Hotel), Plaza Mayor, Beatriz Chomnalez (Ceasar Park Hotel), Las Violetas, etc.

If you click on the picture below you will be taken to the scanned images of the full article in this month´s Bacanal.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Faena Hotel+Universe, Buenos Aires

It was just a matter of time. I mean, I always thought so. I had contacted them about 2 years ago and for the life of me I never understood why they didn´t bite right away. Now one of Argentina´s premier hotels and residences can also claim to offer their clients the best cookies in the market. Maybe that can go on their little list of awards at the bottom. What do you think?

By clicking on the picture below you can go to their website.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Who is This Woman?

No she is not missing. She actually went to High School with me. These days she has a fantastic blog called "Oh, The Joys", of which I am a new and big fan of, and she is currently living in Atlanta with her family (Husband K, and kiddies). Her name is Jessica.

So why the title...? I can´t remember her!

I am a bit absentminded mind you. I mean I have been known to walk into a room and all of a sudden wondered to myself what I went in there for. However, I do tend to have a pretty good long term memory, or at least I thought I did.

In any case, I am glad she found me.

So far she has reassured me that I did not have a crush on her, even though I gave her a mixed tape. One of the bands on that mixed tape was Black Flag so the music choice tends to back her up. I mean, how many women can you swoon while Henry Rollins yells in the background?

She has promised to scan some high school pictures and send those to me and hopefully that will help out a bit.

Meanwhile, if you feel like reading from a talented, funny writer that happens to be a working mother of two, then by all means you should read her stuff. I really can´t say enough about her... or I wish I could not say enough about her... or... oh never mind.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fundacion Leer Reading Marathon 2007

A while back, I wrote about Fundacion Leer (Reading is Fundamental Argentina) and their reading marathon, which took place on the 5th of October. I promised that I would write the results of this year´s events and so as promised here are the results:

  • 2,401,099 children participated in the marathon
  • 162,158 adults from over 8,000 institutions volunteered and helped those kids develop a love for books and reading on that day.

Mind you, these are kids that live in homes where the only book the family does own, most likely, is that same book those children chose to be their very own that day.

"Wow" does not even begin describe what I think, but it is the only thing I can think of saying when I think about it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Have You Ever Wanted to Write a Comercial?

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
--Thomas Jefferson

This post is mostly directed towards my native Argentine Castellano speakers. I will explain in English at the end of this post.

Aspen 102.3 nos esta dando un spot de 30 segundos. Buenisimo! Pero ahora que digo? No tengo la menor idea que decir y bueno, esto es todo nuevo para nosotros.

La primer tanda la hicieron ellos y fue asi:

Sugar & Spice, el sitio de las delicatesen elaboradas con el placer de
comerlas de inmediato, te invita a degustar su Panettone Unforgettable.

Un Pan Dulce Inolvidable, con calidad de exportación y realización
Presentado en caja con una pieza de 700 grs. y también en otros tamaños
para regalos corporativos.

Sugar & Spice
Guatemala 5415 esquina Juan B. Justo

Y ahora pensamos en algo como lo siguiente:

Ya probaste Sugar and Spice? Son unas galletitas deliciosas, unos budines
increibles, un pan dulce inolvidable....
Conoce, proba, regala..........Sugar and Spice.
Guatemala 5415 esquina Juan B. Justo.

Si alguien piensa que puede hacer algo mejor, y lo usamos en la radio, les daremos un regalo compuesto de nuestros productos.


We have been given a 30 second spot for a local radio station called Aspen on 102.3fm

This is great news, but I also don´t have a clue as to what to say on that spot. The first week they made one up. This time we are trying to come up with something and I was asking for any ideas. If anyone comes up with something that we like and that we can use on the radio then we will give that person a gift made with an assortment of our products.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interviewed by Negocios y Pymes

I know I am a bit late with this, but I was featured in an on-line article and I am also going to be on TV again. I don't have the date for that very short television appearance, but if you can read Spanish you can read the article.

Interview with Negocios y Pymes

By the way, PYMES stands for small and medium sized businesses.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Sugar & Spice Has a New Web Site!

Sugar & Spice has a new web site!
I think it looks way better than the old one. It is still a basic site, very few bells and whistles.

So far it's only in Spanish. I have to get working on the English part, but that might be in January since we are way, way busy right now.

Some of the segments that are getting more visitors than others is the corporate gift section or regalos.

Under the section called "venta al publico" there is a map showing our location. What do you think of this map? Is it clear enough?

So please take a look and if you spot any errors please feel free to let me know about them. The designers are going to be making some changes but we decided to let them post it before they finished with the modifications that we suggested. Currently the site itself links back to my old blog URL which had a funny little mistake in the spelling; in Spanish it spelled out Species instead of Spices.

Basically there will be several minor changes to the site on any given day.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Awsome Blogger

Tatiana who has two blogs; Totally Useless and iPhone Gossip gave this award to me. This was a while back, but I have been so busy and it just kind of fell through the cracks. I am sorry for taking so long to post this but better late than never.

Thank you Tatiana!