Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Free Brownies!

From Sugar & Spice

Empezando desde hoy, y siguiendo todo el mes de julio, con tu compra de mas de $5,00 te regalamos un pack de brownies (cada pack tiene 4 caudraditos y un total de 150gr).

Esta promoción es valida en nuestro local únicamente.

Guatemala 5415 (esq. Juan B. Justo)
Lunes a viernes de 10 a 13:30 y 14:30 a 19 horas
Sabados 9 a 13 horas

Starting today and running all through July you get a free brownie pack (150gr - 4 squares in each pack) with any purchase that is at least $5.00 pesos.

This promotion is valid only at our store.

***update - Their is a limit to 4 visits per month***

Friday, June 19, 2009

Regalo del Día del Padre 2009

From Regalos 2009

Regalo del Día del Padre! Una cerveza de Otro Mundo con un set de copetines por $36,00.

Happy Father´s Day gift. Have a microbrewed beer from Otro Mundo along with a set of our savory cookies.

War what is it good for?

absolutely nothing say it again y´all
--Edwin Star

I sometimes ask myself what is Facebook good for and without a doubt it has helped me to reach out, and be reached by my family and friends as well as high school friends from long ago.

From Facebook I learned that a high school friend of mine is actually living and working in Brazil (Hi Ven!).

And, just now, another high school friend of mine has sent me a link to this video that I thought was pretty cool, at least it´s not like "We Are The World".

This one actually sounds pretty cool.

The project that put that all together is Playing for Change.

Check out the website. It is worth a look.

Thanks Faith!