Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey, Don't Forget About Cookies in Argentina!

Sure, cupcakes in Dubai, Beirut and Amman get into the New York Times. What about American style goodies in Argentina?

Ian and Taos, you guys gotta get on the ball here. Come to think of it, Ian actually did write about most of us recently. Okay Taos, let's see what you can do.

Fadi Jader opened up a cupcake store and called it Sugar Daddy's and ironically enough his clientele is 95% women.

My hat is off to you Mr. Jader. Congratulations on the New York Times article.

Meanwhile, in Argentina it looks like the cupcake business is starting to boom. Apart from Gina's Palermo Cupcakery, I have started to see more and more cupcake bakers.

There is also a Bagel option called El Bagelazo that will deliver their freshly made bagels to your home.

And who can overlook The California Burrito Company bringing the burritos way down south of the border. They are so popular that they have three locations now.

If you like something a little lighter there is Pura Vida bringing you the freshest yummiest smoothies around. Others have tried doing their version of smoothies, but these guys got it right.

And of course, yours truly with home made chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, pound cakes, brownies, etc.

Just a small clarification. We don't actually have "pudding". That is a typo from our web site designer. The local name for pound cake is "budin".

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Cookie Salesman

I was visiting some new clients as well as some potential clients in Puerto Madero. We have been testing our new line of cookies called Tentate and one of the places that is testing it out is Corner. They are a brand new chain to Argentina.

When I got there I was told that they only put the new cookies out just this Saturday. They only had one box out of the three that I had given them so basically they went through a box a day!

This is fantastic news that I get to use for the other client, who is kind of sitting on the fence on this product right now, and who happens to have a store on the other side of the docks.

Meanwhile, you can see a couple of pictures that I took in the elegant surroundings of the store.

Nice day for a little stroll and then off to the office to prepare for a meeting with Jumbo Supermarkets.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to get your DNI

Have you wondered how to go about getting your DNI legally, and were daunted by the bureaucracy you were sure to face? Are you tired of having to leave the country every three months?

You don't have an excuse anymore, in fact, you have a helping hand.

Solange Verón, an English-speaking immigration lawyer, will be on hand on Tuesday speaking at a seminar organized by IMAS and hosted by Areatres (There will also be some sweets provided by Sugar & Spice).

This FREE seminar will start promptly at 7pm and is scheduled to run for two hours.

So come on down and bring plenty of questions.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's a New Sherriff in Town

Okay, actually it's a new blog.

Sorry Ian, Sorry Taos, but Southpat Sue is patrolling the Buenos Aires beat now and she is taking no prisoners. She has "the most authoritative source of news for the Buenos Aires expat community".

Sorry Rosario, Cordoba, Mendoza, Mar del Plata, Ushuaia, etc. you are on your own and you can suck it.

From the looks of her posts she has a crack team of investigative reporters that have no problem talking truth to stupid. She herself is no weeping willow. Just read how she defended herself from a "prestigious member of expat community".

So fellow expats, take comfort in knowing that someone has risen to the challenge of bringing us old school investigative reporting.

The Buenos Aires Blog - The Most Authoritative Source of News for the Expat Community.

Might I add that no one knowing who this mysterious person is or what she looks like adds to her mystique. I have heard that a fan club is forming and a list of would be suitors can't be far behind.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Tentate is our new line of cookies for the Kiosco market. We are very excited (and a little scared) of entering into this market. Once again, we are diving into new waters, reaching into a new labyrinth.

In the Libertador corridor alone there are over 2,000 kioscos!

But, as you can see, we are putting some thought into this. The exhibitor case is very attractive and colorful, and it's made to stand out in those very crowded kiosco stands.

There is also a new flavor that I have not seen successfully carried out in a cookie. Yep, we have a Dulce de Leche Granizado Cookie!

The new flavors are:

  • Vanilla and Chocolate (chocolate chip)
  • Intense Chocolate (dark chocolate)
  • Dulce de Leche Granizado (Dulce de Leche with chocolate chips)

As you wander the streets of Buenos Aires, now you will have a Sugar & Spice cookie conveniently within reach. We will also have the new cookies at our own store as well.

As you can see, this is so new that I can't wait for my programmer to modify my web site. Right now, this is the only virtual place that mentions them.

********** Castellano **********

Tentate es nuestra nueva linea de cookies para kioscos. Estamos muy entusiasmados (y con un poco de miedo) de ingresar en el mundo de los kioscos. De nuevo entramos en algo nuevo.

Por ejemplo, en el corredor de Libertador, en Capital Federal, hay mas de 2,000 kioscos!

Además, creamos un nuevo sabor: Dulce de Leche Granizado!

Los sabores son:

  • Dulce de Leche Granizado
  • Vainilla y Chocolate (cookie de vainilla con chips de chocolate)
  • Intenso Chocolate (cookie de chocolate negro)

Nos enorgullece poder llegar a los kioscos finalmente con las mas ricas galletitas Argentinas!

También las vamos a tener en nuestro propio local.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Client: Corner

For those of you missing your 7-11 experience you might have a something similar pretty soon. The concept is supposed to be similar and the first two stores will be in Puerto Madero. They are planning on having at least 5 stores by the end of this year.

September 9th is the grand opening. Sugar & Spice will be there sampling our famous baked goodies, as well as some new ones.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Women and the Challenges of Transparency in Politics and Governing

On Thursday the 3rd of September ICANA and The Eisenhower Fellowships invite you to....

"Las mujeres frente a los desafíos de la transparencia en la política y la gestión"

Which loosely translates to "Women and the challenges of transparency in politics and governing"

The following people will be interviewed at this free event:

Gabriela Michetti (diputada electa PRO)

Hilda G. de Duhalde (senadora PJ)

Norma Morandini (diputada Justicia y Memoria)

Marta Velarde (diputada Partido Justicialista Republicano)

Beatríz Nofal ( Directora de Agencia Nacional de Desarrollo de Inversiones)

Moderan y Entrevistan: María O'Donnell y Silvia Bacher (periodistas)

el jueves 3 de septiembre de 2009 de 9 a 12 horas en el Centro Cultural Borges, Auditorio III

Viamonte esquina San Martín, Buenos Aires

Entrada libre y gratuita - Inscripción Previa: 5382-1537

más información>>


8.45 Acreditaciones

9.00 Bienvenida: Inés Etchebarne -Directora Cultural ICANA -

9.15 -10.45 "Lograr el equilibrio político partidario y distrital"

Moderan y entrevistan: María O'Donnell y Silvia Bacher (periodistas)

Oradoras: Hilda G. de Duhalde (senadora PJ), Norma Morandini (diputada Justicia y Memoria)
Marta Velarde (diputada PJ Republicano) y Gabriela Michetti (diputada PRO)

10.45 Cierre: Marita Carballo - Vicepresidenta ICANA, EF, Gallup-

11.00 Coffee Break Despedida

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