Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A car is just a car

I have been in Argentina since 1999. I really love it here. I went through an adaptation period, which is normal. I come from a different culture. I was able to adapt to some things quicker than others due to my mother being Mexican and my father Colombian. One of the things that I really have a problem with is the car culture.

I get the sense that to most people here a car is a piece of metal on 4 wheels that takes you from point A to point B. This is a refreshing point of view from the other side of the spectrum in the United States where a lot of people’s cars are their babies. However, coming from the United States you can’t help but having some sort of attachment to your car even if your car is not your baby. A car is a big investment; I would like to have it clean, well maintained and safe.

I have seen my car, being the only one on the block; get backed up into for example. The guy apologized and I was really at a loss for words. I see the whole block empty and this moron has to back up into the only car parked on the block? Actually I told him that if he could at least start paying attention to his driving it would be a load off my mind and it would be more meaningful to me than his apology. He kind of looked at me as if I had two heads.

I also had someone repeatedly back up into my car while I was in it and honking on the horn. I had a tirade of insults ready for him when he got out of the car. He actually responded saying that I don’t have a Mercedes, what should I be so upset about.

I could go on and on. Is it a weird car culture? Is my car
a moron magnet?

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