Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Road Show talks to Sugar & Spice

The Road Show is a weekly television magazine news format that runs for 30 minutes. Within those 30 minutes they gave me about 9 minutes. This is the excerpt on Sugar & Spice.

Can you tell I was a little bit nervous? I have been on TV before, but that was at my own shop and it was much shorter, and unfortunately the link to the video itself is no longer there.

Anyway, if you understand Spanish you can view the interview below.


Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,
You look great on the program. Very smooth, confident and interesting.

Unknown said...

Thanks Taos,

That is a great compliment especially coming from someone who is no stranger to the camera.

earthlingorgeous said...

wow! congratulations :)
that's a nice interview :)

Unknown said...

Thanks earthlingorgeous! Nice vacation pics of Hong Kong Disney. It looked empty, I imagine you went during low season?

Anonymous said...

Hello Frank,
It is an excellent interview. And congratulations as well for your business. All the best for your international expansion!

Unknown said...

Thanks Pocketcultures!

You have quite an interesting collection of blogs on that site. Thanks for writing on mine and letting me know about this site. For those of you reading this you should check them out.

Anonymous said...

Frank, you are the cutest! Lovely! Big beso from Córdoba

Unknown said...

Hi Coog!

Thanks for the lovely complement. A big beso right back at ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,

Thanks for linking to my blog:-) and of course for "los biscotti" and German Stollen....mmmh.

I am one of your true customers....(and my German father too)
I think you are doing a great job with your blog...and you have a great link list for expats and great for kids too.

Have a nice weekend,

Unknown said...

Hi Milou,

Thanks for the kind words. My kids and I enjoy your site. They love reading the poems and the movies attached to them.

I hope you keep up the good work as well.