Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I´m voting for "THAT ONE"

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Taos Turner said...

Haha, that's great. What a ridiculous comment, no? I couldn't believe my ears when I hear McCain say that. It's as if deep inside he harbored some kind of contempt for Obama. Truly pathetic. Taos

Beatrice M said...

that is so awesome!!!

I agree with Taos about the contempt concept, except I don't think it's very deep inside. I saw it in the previous debate when he wouldn't look at Obama. Now, it's totally prevalent in their stump speeches which are riling up the masses. The secret service is now investigating one person who shouted "Kill Him" at one of Palin's speeches this past weekend. ::shakes head::

99 said...

Frank, I couldn´t find one single cookie at the embassy yesterday... and I went there for the cookies! (well, also to vote for "that one" too).
Anyway, the consul apologized for being short on the cookies and told me that next year there were going to be more.
Sure, next year things ARE going to be different.

PS: I want a recount on the cookies!

Unknown said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the comments!

As for the cookies, Starbuck´s gets surprised again. It happened during their store´s inauguration and now it happened again at the event.

Next time, I hope to be able to apply for a table of my own and try to make sure that I have enough cookie, and brownies for everyone.