Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Should I Vote for Yanqui Mike?

Well here I am on vacation in Villa La Angostura with my 4 and 6 year old daughters and wife and I have had a great time except for one thing; I had to make sure and vote for Democrats Abroad Argentina.

Normally this is no big deal, but this is Argentina and technology is great when it works, and it is the absolute worst when it does not work. I finally got passed that hurdle and put my vote in yesterday after visiting three locutorios.

I have been quite isolated from what has been going on with this race in Buenos Aires. This could be fortunate or unfortunate for me. I don´t know, it´s too early to tell. I read somewhere that there has been some negativity flying around. I have not been able to count on a consistent internet connection and sometimes I can´t even get into my e-mails; I can only read the titles.

Regardles, I just wanted to get something off my chest regarding this whole thing. Our last head chair, Mike Skowreneck, was on the wrong end of a vote of no confidence by his executive board. This guy was the one who I saw work his ass off to create this thing in the first place.

The charges were that he used funs illegally and that he censored a mailing or a post and that he was just a tyrrant.

When I heard about the first charge I took pause and asked him myself. His answer cleared him of any illegal conduct in my book. He basically took the proceeds from the debate party and sent it in to the Obama campaign against the wishes of the other members. This was a group and they were fighting. However, the tag of "illegal" was thrown around with ease.

He sent the money to Obama, he didn´t try to sell the DAA database or buy his wife a leather jacket or anything like that. I was one of the donors and have been throughout the groups existance. Believe me, the option of the money going to the Presidential campaign seemed like a good idea to me.

Anyway, he did have a reason for doing this and he was going to answer all the charges brought against him in a meeting that was first called and then cancelled. He never got to defend himself. The charges against him just hung out there like dirty laundry that was never washed and was forgotten, but was visible for everyone to see. He already posted about this in the DAA board so if you are registered you can see it there. He will also no doubtedly have the opportunity to answer any one else´s question regarding this during the meeting on the 31st.

The censorship charge was just laughable as I understood it. He wanted one word changed from an article, and that word was "oligarch" or "oligarchy". In Argentina it is a word that has a lot of weight behind it. It is not something to be taken lightly. He understood the negative connetations of that word and just did not want it in that article. For one word he was labeled a censor.

As for the tyrannt thing? Well he has never been my boss. I have disagreed with him in the past and I found him to be passionate, but not so stubborn as to insist that his way is THE way and nothing else exists. In fact, I kind of like dissagreeing with him almost as much as I like dissagreeing with him. Now if I can stand up to the Yanq in a civil manner, why couldn´t these four people do it¡?

After that is out of the way I would vote for him based on what he has already achieved:

He created Dems Abroad Argentina

Responsible for the very first DAA elections, a virtual event

Organized Super Tuesday Party, co-sponsored with Expat Connection

“Yes We Span”, worldwide visually symbolic show, invited photographer: Cate Kelly

“Unite for Change”, worldwide reach out effort

4th of July Celebration, co-sponsored with Good Morning Buenos Aires

Film Festival, co-sponsored with INADI (National Institute Against Discrimination), invited film director: Sebastian Cordoba

Cocktail Party Membership drive, co-sponsored with Good Morning Buenos Aires, organized by: Samuel Warde

2008 Democratic National Convention Finale Party, co-sponsored with Expat Connection


DAA Designs Contest

1st Presidential Debate Watch Party (at Sacramento Bar)

1st Vice-Presidential Debate Watch Party (at Sacramento Bar)

2nd Presidential Debate Watch Party (at Sacramento Bar)

2 weeks rally “Phones for Obama” to all US citizens in Central, South America and the Caribe, organized by: Americans Abroad for Obama

Democrats Abroad Argentina Election Night Watch Party in Buenos Aires (at Sacramento Bar)

Now that I got this out of the way, the second time I post about this election I will write about how I plan to run the Treasury of Democrats Abroad.


99 said...

Thanks for posting these truths. Next time we meet we´ll see you as our next DAA Treasurer.
In the meantime, have fun and a great time with the family.

99 said...

Congratulations Treasurer!+
Enjoy your time with your family