Thursday, May 7, 2009

Villa 31 (part 1)

Sugar & Spice will be closed tomorrow because we are all going to the Villa 31. What is the Villa 31 you might ask?

Well, it is one of the city slums, and there are estimates of it having around 25,000 people living within it.

So why would we be going there?

We are going with Fundación Leer to build a reading corner for a school. I have asked a local expat photographer (very talented I might add) Cate Kelly to come with us.

This is the first time I get my employees involved in creating a reading corner with Fundación Leer.

In part two I hope to write about our experience and show you some wonderful pictures of a place not many of us ever get to see, and of experiences that hopefully more and more people will be interested in living themselves.

I invite you to come back to witness what happens.
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