Friday, June 19, 2009

War what is it good for?

absolutely nothing say it again y´all
--Edwin Star

I sometimes ask myself what is Facebook good for and without a doubt it has helped me to reach out, and be reached by my family and friends as well as high school friends from long ago.

From Facebook I learned that a high school friend of mine is actually living and working in Brazil (Hi Ven!).

And, just now, another high school friend of mine has sent me a link to this video that I thought was pretty cool, at least it´s not like "We Are The World".

This one actually sounds pretty cool.

The project that put that all together is Playing for Change.

Check out the website. It is worth a look.

Thanks Faith!

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Anonymous said...

Love this video! You are right, Frank: you don´t need to sing we are the world to make a point. great photography!