Monday, August 10, 2009

Journal for my Daughters

I received a journal as a gift and right away I thought that I might write it for my daughters. My oldest (7 years old now) found it and started to ask me to read it to her at bedtime. It's not quite what I had in mind, but she really likes it.

She picked one entry as being the best of all. She decorated it with a hand-drawn star.

Yes, it's very personal, but I thought I would share this one with you as well...

As a boy I remember my local corner store with the creaky wooden floors and that corner store smell that every corner store had in Chicago. When I would go there I would yearn for a treat, 'cause that is what you went there for, as well as for milk, tape, or even batteries.

In the fall, when I would step outside to go to school, I would breath in the smell of the air. That was the smell of Canada, igloos, and polar bears. Snow would follow soon thereafter.

I remember the magical smell of the local public library, especially in winter. The smell of the books and the warmth of the room cradled me as I lost myself in the stories, some of which I have shared with you.

I loved the smell of pancakes and eggs from the local pancake house where I would occasionally sit down to a stack of blueberry pancakes (and sometimes banana pancakes). I still remember sitting in the waiting area with my parents. I remember being anxious and wanting time to pass quickly so my mouth could catch up to what my nose had been taking in.

I also loved coming home from a hard day of playing to be greeted at the door by the scent of home made enchiladas or even freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

There are many more scents, sounds and sensations that paint my memories. I hope you do the same and remember some of the little things that make up your day. Remember those things that bring you comfort and a smile to your face. You never know, one day you may share those with your own kids.

Dad (gordito)


Audrey said...

Frank! that's so nice, that you share those memories with your daughters and us. Thank you!
I have very nice memories of my childhood with you. You were such a cute baby, I still recall the first time I took you in my arms, and then you were such a cute little boy!!!
Love you very much!

Anonymous said...

awwww, so sweet!

Geotacs said...

It's really great that you can share your own childhood memories with your kids.

And it's great reminder to take in the moments.

For isn't life all about moments?

I wish you and your family more shared memories to come!


Anonymous said...

I keep a journal, in Moleskine noteooks, and now there are something like 40 of them. They exist entirely for my two daughters and three granddaughters, and cover more than thirty years of their father / grandfather's life and world. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!

Donigan, wow, I will try.
Geotacs, you are so right.

Hi Audrey! I have many fond memories of you too during that time I spent in Mexico. I miss you guys!