Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Barbie Cookies by Sugar & Spice

If you come by the Barbie Fashion Studio at Unicenter you will see the new Barbie Cookies! This is a first for Barbie and we are just glad we can give a baker's hand.

Limited Edition Cookies: We went with our tried and tested classic Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies and our Pasion for Chocolate cookies in this limited edition box. You can make a door hanger out of the box and use the stickers that suit you best that given day (assortment of stickers with sayings included). The side with the window can also be made into a picture frame. Instructions are included.

Jewelry Box: We created a new soft batch cookie for the little ones. Your little princess can keep the box that is made to resemble a jewelry box. Inside there is a picture of Barbie with some stickers to play with as well. The cookies come in Vanilla Chocolate and Intense Chocolate.

Purse Box: This box comes with 200gr of the new soft batch cookies, that are also found in the Jewelry Box. This box opens up to reveal a beautifully printed interior with plenty of space to decorate with stickers that are also included. There is a hidden drawer that can be used to place Barbie accessories.

There will also be some Barbie Store exclusive baked goodies. If you want to make sure you are trying our authentic products just ask them to clarify for you which ones are made by Sugar & Spice.

Hopefully, I will see you there!

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