Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Me Has Great News!

Yep, Cookie Monster (The real one) heard about us; he knows about us. Those of you who know me are now within one degree of separation with him!

Sí, el verdadero, autentico Cookie Monster nos conoce!

He being the cookie specialist that he is, even managed to get his blue furry little hands briefly on our cookies, since they were promptly devoured.

Siendo el especialista en Cookies logró conseguir cookies nuestros, hechos en Argentina! Logró conseguirlos en Plaza Sesamo!

In the cookie business I can't think of no honor higher than this.

No puedo concebir de otro honor tan prestigioso como este.

I also can´t believe that he has heard about us in Sesame Street. I grew up watching him and loved him as a child. As a grown up, I realized that I also love his humor; it´s not just directed at little kids. This is one wicked funny monster.

No puedo creer que nos haya encontrado! Como niño lo amaba. Como adulto también lo amo y especialmente me encanta su humor. No es un humor solamente dirigido a chicos. Este es un monstruo genuinamente gracioso.

Just watch these two examples to get an idea as to what I am talking about:
 Miren estos dos ejemplos para ver de que que hablo.

Cookie Monster vs Stephen Colbert where Cookie considers himself the Robert Downey Jr. of Cookies

Here he is interviewed and gives a lesson on how to eat cookies:

And one of my favorite Cookie Monster moments was when he appeared on the Martha Stewart Show. The quality of the video is not great, but trust me, this is hilarious. This one comes in two parts:

Special thanks to Allie from Pick Up the Fork. She is the one who is related to the real Cookie Monster back in our mutual home town of Chicago.

And also to Ronald Pronk of Vamos 360 who sent me the following picture:

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Miki said...

AWE, congrats! :D I Love Cookie Monster!!!