Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Music Feature: Eastern Sun & John Kelley - Rapture at Sea

I have been showcasing mostly music that friends have shared with me. Once in a while though, I bump into things all by myself.
He estado presentando, en su mayoría, música que amigos han compartido conmigo. De vez en cuando, sin embargo, me encuentro con novedades por mí mismo.
Well, sort of anyway, I get a little help from iTunes and specifically the Genius feature.
Bueno casi solo, recibo un poco de ayuda de iTunes y, específicamente, la función Genius.
Through Genius I get to explore using my current music as a springboard for finding music that I might like based on what I already have.
A través de Genius llego a explorar, usando mi música actual como punto de partida para encontrar música nueva basada en la música que ya tengo.
I know nothing of this band, musician, DJ, etc.  I have no idea who it is.
No sé nada de esta banda, músico, DJ, etc. no tengo idea de quién es.
What I do know is that I love this and I want to share this with everyone so it's playing at our Sugar & Spice store.
Lo que sí sé es que me encanta y lo quiero compartir con todo el mundo y ahora se puede escuchar en nuestro local de Sugar & Spice.
I did manage to find the following on LastFM:
Pude encontrar lo siguiente en LastFM:

"Eastern Sun’s CD “In Emptiness” is a partnership between Eastern Sun’s Brian Saitzyk and DJ John Kelley. (Kelley co-produced three tracks) The CD is creatively unique and spiritual (Brian was brought up in a Buddhist household). He combines his electronic experimentation with his inner spirit and has produced an enormous variety spanning many genres.

Eastern Sun presents a deep, soulful chord in the world of electronic music and has been compared to works by “Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, and Future Sound of London.” Rising higher by the hour, Eastern Sun brings light and warmth out of the darkness with innovative style and sonic beauty."

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