Monday, November 24, 2008

Podcast Reminder - The Socially Responsible Cookie

Patt Gilmore stopped by the store last week and we had a chat over coffee and cookies. She surprised me by putting the interview up right away. If you would like to hear it you can click here.

Her site is called What´s the Frequency Argentina?

While you visit her site you can also listen to her other recent interviews covering ice cream, grilling meat, etc. She also has an audio book called Squatting Over a Bucket Under the Argentine Moon.

If you have iTunes you can also look up her podcast and listen to it on your iPod.

You are sure to find something to interest you at her site.

Oh, that non-profit that I could not remember during the interview is CCRAI.


Anonymous said...

Hi Frank, just want to congratulate you on the geat pod cast, Patricia always does first rate stuff. Great to see a local business that is so involved (and one where my husband can get pan dulce without the dried fruit, which he hates!)
cheers, Ginger (I´m on ba new comers)

Unknown said...

Hi Ginger,

Thanks! (I know) What I didn't know about was your blog. I am adding it to my side-links.