Monday, September 21, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Cookie Salesman

I was visiting some new clients as well as some potential clients in Puerto Madero. We have been testing our new line of cookies called Tentate and one of the places that is testing it out is Corner. They are a brand new chain to Argentina.

When I got there I was told that they only put the new cookies out just this Saturday. They only had one box out of the three that I had given them so basically they went through a box a day!

This is fantastic news that I get to use for the other client, who is kind of sitting on the fence on this product right now, and who happens to have a store on the other side of the docks.

Meanwhile, you can see a couple of pictures that I took in the elegant surroundings of the store.

Nice day for a little stroll and then off to the office to prepare for a meeting with Jumbo Supermarkets.


roger said...

Frank - who stocks Tentate buiscuits in Recoleta or Belgrano? Do you have a stockists list anywhere?

Unknown said...

Hi Roger,

At the moment I only have three locations that have those biscuits. The corner store in Puerto Madero; Baguette in Reconquista 479 and a little kiosco at Viamonte 673.

Oops, I also forgot about my own store in Palermo Viejo (Guatemala 5415-corner with Juan B. Justo).

I am working on expanding the number of stores dramatically which means that it's a slow process up front, but once the switch goes on you should be able to see them in many kioscos and especially in those two neighborhoods you mentioned.

Once that happens you can bet I will let every one know.

Thanks for asking!

Rooney said...

While people may have different views still good things should always be appreciated. Yours is a nice blog. Liked it!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Rooney!

Dafna said...

I should make a note of the places, hopefully one day I will visit Argentina....


Unknown said...

Hi Dafna,

Thanks for the well wishes. If you ever do make it over here we would love to see you at our store.