Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's a New Sherriff in Town

Okay, actually it's a new blog.

Sorry Ian, Sorry Taos, but Southpat Sue is patrolling the Buenos Aires beat now and she is taking no prisoners. She has "the most authoritative source of news for the Buenos Aires expat community".

Sorry Rosario, Cordoba, Mendoza, Mar del Plata, Ushuaia, etc. you are on your own and you can suck it.

From the looks of her posts she has a crack team of investigative reporters that have no problem talking truth to stupid. She herself is no weeping willow. Just read how she defended herself from a "prestigious member of expat community".

So fellow expats, take comfort in knowing that someone has risen to the challenge of bringing us old school investigative reporting.

The Buenos Aires Blog - The Most Authoritative Source of News for the Expat Community.

Might I add that no one knowing who this mysterious person is or what she looks like adds to her mystique. I have heard that a fan club is forming and a list of would be suitors can't be far behind.

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