Friday, October 2, 2009

Entrepreneur Invasion

I was interviewed a while back and I just found out about the article in Apertura magazine being on-line. Actually, the article mentions a whole bunch of fellow expat entrepreneurs:

Martin Frankel with Areatres, Sugar Bar and Expat-Connection.
Micheal Evans with Vines of Mendoza.
Jordan Metzner and Sam Nadler with California Burrito Company.
Micheal Legge with Natural Deli
Rémi Noiriel with Jacarandá Films
Nigel Tollerman with 0800 Vinos
Daniel Rosenber & Liran Jakob with Minihostels
Maria Macdonald with
Jed Rothenberg with

This happens to be a partial list by the way. Any other expat entrepreneur out there that would like to chime in and let us know of your businesses go ahead and let us know about you in the comments.


Fourpoint said...

Don't forget Silver Star Transport, for when you want the comfort and roominess of a Lincoln Town Car instead of cramming in a tiny cab for airport rides and more. Safe-Punctual-Friendly. Native English speaking.


99 said...

Great article Frank, congrats!
And excellent idea to open this space for other entrepreneurs to promote their businesses as well.
Generous as usual. You´re the best!

Ronald said...

So, you mean that I can type here that you can contact me at if you need to show your property (hotel, restaurant,(rental) apartment, art gallery for example) in a breath taking full screen 360 degrees virtual tour online, I can just do that without being accused of spamming? ;-)

Dan said...

And all those of us in the "puertas cerradas" world - quite a few expats who've opened up spots from our own Casa SaltShaker to A Little Saigon, Cocina Sunae, Sammy's... and more

Unknown said...

Dan, you are so right. Don't be shy, post that link to your site:

Here is Little Saigon's:

and Sammy's who hosts a weekly drinking, politic chatting and taco event called Drinking Liberally:

Unknown said...

Ronald, nope, you are welcomed to post your link and thank you for doing so. It's different when one is invited to do this sort of thing isn't it?

Saludos and good luck!

Lina Guarin said...

Hola Frank soy Colombiana amante al arte Patissier, vi en buenos aires tus productos y te felicito, aun nmo lo he probado pero de seguro visitare tu local y ver todo!
Tu pagina la pondre en mi blog.

Muchos exitos!!
Lina Guarin

Unknown said...

Hola Lina,

Muchas gracias por las lindas palabras. Tu sitio me impresionó. Ya estas en el side-link ;-)

Avisa con un mail que venís y te damos un regalito.

SoCali said...

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xyzeidman said...

A friend and I once went to the california burrito company after seeing it in the lonely planet. being from southern california might make me extra picky but i would not recommend this place. staff was rude, food was far from real mexican, meat was chewy, reminded us of a chipotle knock off. I will just wait til I'm back in San Diego to get my burrito fix. :(

Also, thanks for reading my blog i will have to try that restaurant! i love going to new places. It's also really interesting reading your blog because although children are a ways off for me, when I do have some I really want them to be bilingual and have experience traveling. Keep it up!

William said...

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