Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tentate Cookies at Your Nearest Kiosco

We are still in the initial stages of launching these new cookies. So far, Open 25 is very interested as is SAM Mercados Urbanos among others...

You can find our new Tentate cookies at these locations!

Open 25 stores:
Abasto Shopping Mall (two shops, one on the food court)
Alto Palermo (Loc 2-G)
Av Cabildo 601
Av Cabildo 801
Av Cabildo 902
Av Cabildo 1562
Av Cabildo 2102
Av Cabildo 2302
Av Cabildo 2501
Puerto Madero
Florida 2
Florida 272
Florida 364
Florida 425
Florida 512
Florida 605
Florida 708
Florida 888
Florida 970
Galeria Pacifico (food court)
Dot Shopping Center (3 locations, one on each floor)
Paseo Alcorta Shopping Mall
Solar de la Abadia Shopping Mall - Arce 940, piso 2
Ezeiza Airport (3 locations)
Aeroparque (1 location)

SAM Mercados Urbanos:
Av Cordoba 1201
Marcelo T. de Alvear 1699 (esq. Rodriguez Peña)
Paraguay 902 (esq. Suipacha)
Quintana 108
Rosario 756
Güemes 3048

Pierina Dealessi 260, dique 4, Puerto Madero
Malabia 1720, Palermo Viejo (starting today)
Malabia 1637, Palermo Viejo
Mira Vida Soho
Darregueyra 2050, Palermo Viejo
Reconquista 479, Microcentro
Viamonte 673, Microcentro

I will be updating this list shortly...

By the way, read what San Telmo Loft has to say about our new cookies via Twitter:
had @SugarandSpiceAr cookies called Tentate. delicious. thrilled they can be found near SanTelmo in Puerto Madero. congrats Frank.
Which one is your favorite: Intense Chocolate / Chocolate Chip / Dulce de Leche with Chocolate Chips.


tangocherie said...

Congratulations, Frank, that is so exciting! I can't wait to try some.

Unknown said...

Frank, I just love your blog...

Unknown said...

Thanks Cherie and Jetta!

Unknown said...

Congratulations!!! Ill try them as soon as I see them around!!! Great job! Regards. Alphonse

Unknown said...

Thanks Alphonse! Let me know what you think of them.