Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yesterday I wrote this post that was basically an emotional response. I should know better, but having received potshots from these people for better part of a year and facing what we thought was going to be desertification without a fair hearing from Democrats Abroad just got the better of me.

I saved that post to remind me of what I should probably not fall for in the future. Yeah, there are some people that constantly look to tear me down. It has happened once before.

So if you would like the cliffnotes version of what all of this is about.....

I ran for office as Treasurer of Democrats Abroad Argentina and won. I had several proposals of mine meet up with resistance from a minority of our executive group, things like participating in an annual 4th of July event that ICANA hosted and having us meet at ICANA for example. I also proposed that we piggyback on events with Internations who love to hold happy hour events around the city. This minority has gone on to press International to de-certify us because according to them these things I proposed are an abomination and they are illegal. My point was that they are not and I was never given a chance to prove it.

Small group politics are boring and this one is no exception. Except that now International has gotten into the middle of this and all I want to know is what are they going to do about it.

So, those of you who already saw the original post will understand why I took it down. The others who chance upon this for the first time can just rest assured that it was not a radical post, but it did target and ridicule slightly the one person who I think is responsible for all of this. But, since I really don´t want to get petty and bring myself down to their level I decided to replace it for now with this.

I do apologize to you my readers for the mix-up. I also apologize to that person I ridiculed publicly. I should have just kept it private. Just keep in mind, that being mixed up is part of life and makes us human. Also apologizing is tough.

Now back to what I should be doing and that is talking to grown up business people about business.
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