Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starbucks Helping Out?

I just read an article from on how Starbucks is offering fairtrade coffee in Ireland and the UK.

I just wanted to take a moment and applaud that effort. I think it's a great start!

Here in Argentina they are also buying from a local small company (ahem...mine) and I have to say that they have been wonderful--so far ;-)

So take a small break from the Starbucks bashing and at least give them a sign when they do something right. I also know that they do lots of donations and they don't always publicize them.

Okay, now you can dived yourselves up again and go back to your I Hate or I Love Starbucks sides.

And if you want you can read the article here.


Flavores said...

Did you see the movie black gold ( Starbucks's fairtrade coffee is a huge lie.

SaltShaker said...

As a company, I think Starbucks is overall a very good one that "does the right thing". And the whole argument about them bulldozing their way into neighborhoods and cities is nonsense - they may do it, but they don't obligate anyone to choose going to them versus the much lamented neighborhood coffee shop - if one feels strongly about it, don't go, support your local mom and pop operation. They end up taking over because people switch over to going to them, like sheep.

My problem with them is that they simply brew poor quality coffee!

Unknown said...

Flavores, thanks for the link. I did not know about that movie and I intend to watch it. However, I did go to Tadesse Meskela's site and I got to read up a little on all that he has done.

The movie was made in 2006 and Tadesse Meskela's site promotes Fair Trade Coffee. He has been winning over companies and having them buy Fair Trade Coffee and Starbucks is among those companies. If you look at the list of Fair Trade retailers you will find them in there.

This is a huge undertaking on Tadesse's part. I would imagine it's not so easy to implement something like this, but it looks like he is advancing.

The point of this particular article that I posted was to show what that kind of advancement looks like. Instead of telling Starbucks what idiots they are, how about telling them that this is what you want to see more of.

I also put myself up as an example of them sourcing their products with another type of a small family run company.

Here is a link to Tadesse's site.

Unknown said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks for chipping in with your comments. I always find them insightful.

One of the reasons I think they are growing in Argentina is because no one else offers latte's or at least no one did before they showed up. They also have that foreign Starbucks experience that people here are liking. I can't put it to words, but people really like going there.

I like to be able to at least contribute to the overall satisfaction of the end consumer by offering very high quality goodies that go with their drinks. If other merchants would be interested in rounding out the experience I would be glad to help out. ;-)

Flavores said...

Thanks for your response, and yes, I know about oromia/tadessem coffee, and it is the point of the movie,is stunning.

I use to buy starbucks fair tarde coffee and after the movie, I felt ashamed, becase once again I was seduced by an advertising, ignoring the hidden truth.

I would find here a place to buy fairtrade coffee, I just want to know where...