Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cookies & Ice Cream

I have tried to introduce chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches (or chipwhiches) here, but I have not been too successful. Let me rephrase that, I have not been successful at all, I have failed miserably. But, that's not what this is going to be about.

It's actually about The Federal Budget.

Yes, this is old news, but you know what? Not much has changed since 2007.

I ran into a video from Ben Cohen (from Ben & Jerry's) in which he used Oreo cookies to illustrate what the Federal Budget looked like. If you want to see it here it is:

However, what I found even more interesting was the back story on his back and forth with the owners of Oreo. I once tried to create a Baileys flavored Dulce de Leche but I was shot down by Baileys so I could relate.

I also thought it was great how he was going around making presentations with actual Oreos.

Looking around I saw that he even went on the Colbert Report.

Yeah, this is so 2007, but doesn't it say something that we are still doing more of the same?

Back then the Pentagon's budget was $420 billion and for 2010 it's up to $685.1 billion. To be fair, now it includes the two wars, but still it seems outrageous. Our defense budget is almost as much as the rest of the world's defense budget combined! Yeah, that includes China.

So Ben, thanks for the video and the short and sweet lessons on the Federal Budget.

If the Oreo people give you grief over the usage of their brand name, let's talk. I can use some help getting the locals to try chocolate chip ice cream sandwhiches.

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