Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Starbucks Stores to Come

Just yesterday Starbuck's Argentina opened a store in Caballito and tonight they are opening one in Maure 1818 (corner with Arce).

The store openings are coming fast this year. Next week they will have one in Martinez, probably along Av. Libertador....

Their website has a handy store locator using Googlemaps within the site itself. So far, they don't have the Caballito store nor the Maure store, which if you count those they are up to 17 stores.

We are also working on a new Biscotti for them. It should be ready anytime now.


Vacation Villas said...

I just love starbucks. I have plenty of good conversations and business deals to this good coffee place.

Ryan said...

Is that the Starbucks next door to McDonalds?

Unknown said...

Hi Ryan,

I don't know since I have not been to that one yet.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting the Starbucks biscotti! Do you do other baked goods for them as well?

Vicky Baker said...

Great gig to be making biscotti for them. I didn't know they did that. Do they use a lot of local suppliers? Please tell me more. Email me if you like.

I confess I am a big Starbucks basher. I really resent their aggressive expansion in the UK and don't want to see it happening here in BA, a place which has such a brilliant coffee culture of its own. Some Starbucks are fine, but in central London there are 164 branches within five miles.

That is my concern. Not that I mind them existing.

I see you mentioning their fairtrade deals on another blog. I could cynically dismiss that as just a PR stunt, but the truth is it doesn't matter as long as good is being done and ways are being changed. This may filter down to others. If, that is, we end up with any indie coffee stores left... ;-)

Great blog btw. I'll be back.

Unknown said...

Hi Vicky,

They use small business suppliers for a couple of things. Us, for the cookies; and Drimer for some chocolate offerings.

It's mostly a mix, and luckily the small business products happen to be great sellers for them!

While they are definitely going to grow, I don't see them getting that big. Mind you, this is just my opinion. I still don't see them competing against the traditional type coffee places, but I do see them competing against the more modern type chains like The Coffee Store, Aroma Cafe, Cafe Martinez, McCafe, etc.

Like you I do hope they expand their fair trade purchasing activity. It is a step in the right direction. Meanwhile there are all kinds of examples that we can look towards that need changing. There is the bottled water situation, Bananas, diamonds, etc. There are so many to list.

Thanks for the kind words. I have also just recently been enjoying your blog!