Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome Café Martinez

We have another new client that has deposited their trust in us and has decided to be really nice to their customers by offering Argentina's yummiest cookies.

So if you are a fan of Cafe Martinez now you can have an authentic Chocolate Chip Cookie or a Pasion for Chocolate Cookie to go with that cup of joe. You could also ask for a bag of Café Mocha Biscotti as well.

With approximately 60 locations (plus Chile and Uruguay coming soon) you are bound to always be near a cup of coffee and a cookie or two.


Bienvenidos a nuestro nuevo cliente Café Martinez! Con aproximadamente 60 locales siempre vas a estar cerca de tu favorito café y una cookie o dos.

Ahora vas a poder acompañar tu café con una deliciosa cookie de Choco Chip o Pasión por Chocolate.

Me contaron que están por abrir locales en Chile y en Uruguay también.


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