Saturday, July 3, 2010

Argentian vs Germany Has Already Started

This is a commercial for a sports channel. When I first saw this one of the comments left by an Argentine went something along the lines of: "If you analyze this in detail we are great at soccer, but as a people, we are complete shit".

One piece of advice though; if you are in Argentina and you see kids playing with a rolled up sock, you better run because you are about to be robbed, mugged or raped.

Kidding aside, this should give you an idea as to just how much this game means to people.

When the national team plays, schools either start earlier, close earlier, or just show the game depending on the timing of the game.

While the team plays it's impossible to find a cab or any public transportation for that matter.

Many businesses have televisions at work so the employees can watch. We set one up at our business for example.

Here is another commercial and this one is from Quilmes. The subtitles are not so great, but you should still be able to get the gist of it.

And in this upcoming game you have the personal insults being traded back and forth.

This one is going to be personal for these players. There is no doubt about it, at all.

You had the infamous Paul the octopus predicting correctly all of Germany's games so far.

In fact, the injured ex-captain Micheal Ballack didn't want to play second fiddle to an octopus and gave a prediction of his own.

You had Germany insulting Argentine players, fans and coach with Schweinsteiger mentioning what "Argentines are like in general".

Since the coach happens to be Diego Maradona, a prompt response was delivered and a local celebrity chef was called to the task of showing what exactly we can do with an octopus...(see video immediately below)

But, it's not all arrows and clubs. The New York Times wrote a very nice apology letter to Diego, and the German coach is taking the high road as well.

It's a good thing since he is susceptible to an attack of the munchies during the game, and let's just say that his diet on the pitch has not exactly been high brow.

I don't know what the outcome will be on Saturday. I do know that I expect a fantastic game.

Germany has a very young and talented team. Both Germany and Argentina love to attack and I am sure we will be seeing plenty of that especially since they have started attacking each other before the game has even started.

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