Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Narda Lepes Still Likes Sugar & Spice Cookies

Narda Lepes just sent me her "cling"!

She had put Sugar & Spice in her book "Qué, Cómo, Dónde", which is a culinary guide for those who would like to know where to buy great and sometimes very rare foods.

Obviously, she knows where to get the best chocolate chip cookies.

She wasn't just doing lip service either. We actually ate some cookies together. Some people break bread, we break cookies.

Thanks again Narda!

************** Castellano **********

Narda Lepes nos acaba de enviar su "cling"! Ella había puesto a Sugar & Spice en su libro "Qué, Cómo, Dónde".

Obviamente ella sabe donde conseguir las mas ricas Chocolate Chip Cookies!

No es puro verso tampoco. Yo la vi, es más, compartimos unas cookies.

Gracias de nuevo Narda!

Friday, March 18, 2011

ICANA Cultural Courses 2011

It´s the new year for Argentina! I know, the new year came in January, but then everyone leaves for two months and then comes back all at once on the 1st of March.

So March is really when things start coming back to life here and one of those places is ICANA. It is the largest Bi-National center in Argentina and it was created in 1927 for the purpose of promoting cultural exchange between the United States and Argentina. It also boasts one of the largest libraries of American literature in the Southern Hemisphere.

Apart from the English classes, TOEFL classes, Visa applications, workshops, etc. they are also starting a book club in English and will be run by Paula Varsavsky.

English speakers and readers are welcome to join the Book of the Month Club. Hosted by Argentine writer and journalist Paula Varsavsky at ICANA. We will enjoy and discuss one book every month. A fiction or non-fiction book is chosen by the host, suggestions done by participants are taken into account.

When it comes to fiction the focus is on characters, suspense, point of view, defamiliarization, sense of time and place, surprise, the reader in the text and other matters. As far as non-fiction is concerned the focus is on: subject, historical context, narrator and writing skills.

We will get together every Thursday  of the first week of the month for a two hour gathering.
Book of the Month Club. Starts on May 5th 2011
Fee: $80 per month

If you would like to read the complete list of courses offered you can click here, which is a link to the full list of cultural courses like swing classes (yeah, the dance); Marylin Monroe and Arthur Miller in American Lit, and many more.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Newsletter & Promociones de Sugar & Spice

Estamos por lanzar una "Newsletter" para compartir noticias relacionadas con Sugar & Spice y también para notificar sobre promociones exclusivas para nuestros fans.

Si te interesa recibir estas noticias en el futuro simplemente llená el formulario.

También queremos saber tu fecha de cumpleaños para poder hacerte un regalito en tu día! (para los que puedan pasar por nuestro local).


We are going to launch a newsletter so we can keep our fans updated to the latest Sugar & Spice happenings as well as letting you know of exclusive promotions.

If you would like to recieve our newsletter and promotions just fill in the form.

We also want to know your birthday so we can give you a little gift on your special day (for those that can come by the store that is).


I was not happy with how the Google Doc was working. This option goes right to our own Sugar & Spice database.

No estaba contento como funcionaba el formulario de Google Docs. Esta nueva opción va directamente a nuestra base de datos de Sugar & Spice.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sugar and Spice Grupon Offer!

Yep, Sugar & Spice took the Grupon plunge. This is a great 60% discount! To take advantage of this promotion click here!

Your options are:

Hoy lanzamos la promoción de Grupon. Es un descuento de 60%! Para obtener tu cupon tenés que ir a Grupon.

Las opciones para elegir son:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My 6 Year Old Knows Astrophysics

My 6 year old: MOMMY! MOMMY! Do you know that the water goes up and down?

We were at the beach and she noticed the tides

Wife: Yeah, sweetpea.

6 Year Old: Do you know why? (she doesn't wait for a response) the water follows the moon around!

Yes, I know that O'Reilly actually knows that the gravitational pull of the moon affects the tides of our oceans. He said so, but then he blew it again.

Here, little kids, once again show us the way.

Just looking at my daughter's wide eyed appreciation of what I have just told her (right before she went running to her mom to share her new-found knowledge) and seeing that she is open to finding things out stands in stark contrast to O'Reilly's smug response to "pinheads" everywhere.

On the one hand she is a sponge waiting to soak up more knowledge, and on the other, he is like a rock; nothing else can fit into his head. He's all booked up, there's no more room for doubt. He is certain, beyond any shadow of doubt, of the why's of things.

In the end, it's just like Stephen Colbert's summary of O'Reily's theology: "There must be a god, because I don't know how things work." or how they got here I might add.

I guess I would ask him: What is wrong with letting people try to find the answer to those questions? And, don't you think you should find a better reason to believe in god other than the one you keep repeating?

Just to be clear, Stephen Colbert is a practicing Catholic and Sunday school teacher and obviously very confident in his own believes to be swayed so easily, unlike a certain Fox News personality.