Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Narda Lepes Still Likes Sugar & Spice Cookies

Narda Lepes just sent me her "cling"!

She had put Sugar & Spice in her book "Qué, Cómo, Dónde", which is a culinary guide for those who would like to know where to buy great and sometimes very rare foods.

Obviously, she knows where to get the best chocolate chip cookies.

She wasn't just doing lip service either. We actually ate some cookies together. Some people break bread, we break cookies.

Thanks again Narda!

************** Castellano **********

Narda Lepes nos acaba de enviar su "cling"! Ella había puesto a Sugar & Spice en su libro "Qué, Cómo, Dónde".

Obviamente ella sabe donde conseguir las mas ricas Chocolate Chip Cookies!

No es puro verso tampoco. Yo la vi, es más, compartimos unas cookies.

Gracias de nuevo Narda!


Coach Paul Strobl said...

I defintely share her sentiments!

Coach Paul Strobl said...

I definitely share her sentiments.