Saturday, April 7, 2012

Food Tours in Buenos Aires and Beyond!

"Writing is the hardest way of earning a living, with the possible exception of wrestling alligators." -- Olin Miller

I have been offered several writing opportunities in the past and normally I would have loved to attempt a shot at making money with writing. However, I have not been able to take advantage of those opportunities. I am way too busy with Sugar & Spice.

En el pasado me han ofrecido trabajo escribiendo y siempre me hubiera gustado poder aprovechar esas oportunidades, pero nunca pude porque estoy muy ocupado con Sugar & Spice.

One opportunity I just couldn't pass up was writing about food.

Una oportunidad que no pude dejar pasar era escribiendo sobre comida.

This job required that I travel to food spots; interview business owners; try new foods; take pictures of food... it sounded like great fun!

Este trabajo requería que viajara a locales de comida; entrevistar a dueños de emprendimientos; tomar fotos; probar comida... sonaba muy divertido!

Now the fruits of my labor are once again out in the real world. The first time it was with Sugar & Spice.

De nuevo, uno de mis creaciones esta en el mundo real. La primera vez fue con Sugar & Spice.

I am now one of the writers in an iPhone app called Rama Tours. Originally the app was created as a travel history tour app.

Ahora soy uno de los escritores que escribe para una applicación de iPhone llamado Rama Tours. Originalmente el app era sobre turismo histórico.

"Ever wanted to walk through Chicago after the great fire? Watch the Brooklyn Bridge emerge from the depths of the East River? Experience the wild abandon of Mardi Gras during the Depression?"
Alguna vez te hubiera gustado caminar las calles de Chicago después del gran fuego? Mirar el Brooklyn Bridge nacer sobre el East River? Festejar un Mardi Gras durante la gran depresión?

In 2010 BBC Travel picked Rama Tours as one of the best new travel apps!

En 2010 la BBC Travel eligió a Rama Tours como uno de los top 10 apps de turismo!

Now this fantastic app has branched out to food. They looked for writers that were local food bloggers in their target cities and that had something to add to make the experience as rich as possible.

Ahora este app fantástico se expandió a la comida con Rama Food. Buscaron a food bloggers que especializaban en escribir sobre comida en las ciudades que ellos buscaban.

For Buenos Aires you have Dan Perlman, Maria Carra and yours truly.

Para Buenos Aires eligieron a Dan Perlman, Maria Carra y a mi.

For my first attempt I chose to look for the best medialunas. Argentines are very proud of this morning and afternoon staple of local culture. They are the most ubiquitous food items that you will find.

Para mi primer tour elegí buscar las mas ricas medialunas. Los Argentinos tienen mucho orgullo por esta delicia que consumen a cualquier hora del día.

Not only where the places that I was looking for had to have a great medialuna, they also had to produce them by hand. I was going for the homemade, just out of the oven variety.

Los lugares que buscaba no solamente tendrían que tener las mas ricas, también las tenían que hacer a mano. Yo buscaba recetas caseras y medialunas frescas recién salidas del horno.

So what would you learn about the local medialuna scene by taking my tour? You would learn how to order them, how to best time your visit so you can score one fresh out of the oven, how to order the coffee that goes with them, how to tip the waiter, and the most important thing of all.... how to score some of the yummiest varieties in the city.

Que se aprende de las medialunas tomando mi tour? Como pedir, a que hora visitar para conseguir las mismas recién horneadas, cuanto dejar de propina y lo mas importante de todo... como conseguir unas de las mas ricas de la ciudad.

My tour is only $0.99 cents and once you are out walking around Buenos Aires wouldn't it be great to have this little tour in your pocket? You wouldn't even need to have access to wifi once you have downloaded it either.

El tour de las medialunas cuesta US$0,99. Con este tour tendrás en tu bolsillo, sin necesidad de tener wifi, acceso a las medialunas mas ricas y frescas de Buenos Aires.

This tour is iOS for now, but soon it will be available for Android.

Por ahora este app es solamente para iOS, pero pronto tendrán una versión para Android.

To stay up to date with Rama you can follow their Twitter account and Facebook page.

Para seguir las noticias de este app podes seguirlos por Twitter y por Facebook.


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