Friday, December 14, 2007

Have You Ever Wanted to Write a Comercial?

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
--Thomas Jefferson

This post is mostly directed towards my native Argentine Castellano speakers. I will explain in English at the end of this post.

Aspen 102.3 nos esta dando un spot de 30 segundos. Buenisimo! Pero ahora que digo? No tengo la menor idea que decir y bueno, esto es todo nuevo para nosotros.

La primer tanda la hicieron ellos y fue asi:

Sugar & Spice, el sitio de las delicatesen elaboradas con el placer de
comerlas de inmediato, te invita a degustar su Panettone Unforgettable.

Un Pan Dulce Inolvidable, con calidad de exportación y realización
Presentado en caja con una pieza de 700 grs. y también en otros tamaños
para regalos corporativos.

Sugar & Spice
Guatemala 5415 esquina Juan B. Justo

Y ahora pensamos en algo como lo siguiente:

Ya probaste Sugar and Spice? Son unas galletitas deliciosas, unos budines
increibles, un pan dulce inolvidable....
Conoce, proba, regala..........Sugar and Spice.
Guatemala 5415 esquina Juan B. Justo.

Si alguien piensa que puede hacer algo mejor, y lo usamos en la radio, les daremos un regalo compuesto de nuestros productos.


We have been given a 30 second spot for a local radio station called Aspen on 102.3fm

This is great news, but I also don´t have a clue as to what to say on that spot. The first week they made one up. This time we are trying to come up with something and I was asking for any ideas. If anyone comes up with something that we like and that we can use on the radio then we will give that person a gift made with an assortment of our products.


99 said...

The second option is kinda short for 30 sec. You might need to add some lines or sounds in between. Just thinking...

Unknown said...

Hi 99,

Yeah, we know. It´s just a work in progress...what we have so far. We have a few more versions but we have never written a spot much less even ever thought of writing a spot for radio (or any medium for that matter).

Anonymous said...

Well, if you want something memorable for the listener I will stay away from a plain voice in off message. Perhaps you can try to tempted your listener by other means...
Since Radio is your medium, you can try to use the sound of someone opening and eating cookies [or any other of your products] in total silence [with only the Sound FX], until a voice in off explains that the silence isn't intentional, but the result of the cookies being unavoidable, so he/she couldn't perform the commercial without trying the best gourmet cookies of the land.

99 said...

What about the cookie song I found for you? Does that help?

I think you should ask Steve or Paul from the Dems. They are film directors and probably have good ideas.

Unknown said...

Hi Argonaut,

I like the idea. However, this is so last minute that these guys (the radio station) are just looking for something to read I guess.

However, I am going to kick that one around.


That´s a great idea! Thanks!

Unknown said...


If you read this can you write to me at pedidos at ?