Friday, August 15, 2008

El Corte Ingles

From the 26th of September through the 18th of Octobre, El Corte Ingles will celebrate 3 weeks of Argentine products in their stores; this includes Sugar & Spice products in the offering.

This will include 8 stores in Madrid, 5 in Barcelona, and 4 in Valencia.

El Corte Ingles is Spain´s largest department store and is also one of its oldest and most prestigious stores. There is an article on the history of this department store in Spanish.

The following are some numbers that represent this event:

390 products purchased and represented during these 3 weeks
34 companies represented in this purchase
21 wineries
7 distributors who end up representing another 20 food companies
600,000 euros was the aproximate amount of their total purchase

Sugar & Spice ended up sending the largest number of pallets (about 15 pallets) of all the participating companies in this round.

Thank you Fundación Exportar for including us in this round of negotiations with El Corte Ingles!


godines said...

congratulations! you guys bake the best cookies in argentina, so there you go. i guess the spanish also need some good cookies (i had the hardest time trying to find decent cookies there!)....

Unknown said...

Thank you godines!

That is a great thing to know. It certainly makes me feel much better about sending the cookies over there and possibly entering that market for the long run.

By the way, great blog! I have sidelinked you.

Katie said...

Thanks for this piece of news, Frank. My Argentine boyfriend's sister lives in Valencia, and I'm sure she could use a taste of home. I just emailed her the information.

Congratulations on having your products selected for the shipment as well. When I'm in Buenos Aires in October, I will make a concerted effort to find your shop so I can try some of your goodies. I love a good cookie. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks! If I am not around bring a copy of this post and whoever is attending this store will give you a free brownie.

Por favor imprimir y le daremos un pack de brownies sin cargo.

Katie said...

Cool! Thank you.

SFO said...

For a moment there I was hoping that El Corte Ingles were going to open a store in BsAs. But no such luck.

The last time I was in Lisbon the store there was having a EU food expo - I confined myself to sampling chocolate :-)

Question time. Are the new "Jumbo" cookies as good as S&S ;-) [Reading labels can be most informative]

I see you have a new competitor in Argentina, Delimoon. How do they rate?


Unknown said...

Hi John!

It would be cool if that where to happen. It gives me the impression that it is a great department/grocery store.

The difference between both brands is one of size (there´s is 150g vs our 180g) and Sugar and Spice´s brand has chocolate chunks cut by hand while the Jumbo cookies are made with chocolate chips.

As for Delimoon, we knew someone would enter the market eventually. The thing is though that they don´t really try to offer anything new.

Also, the biggest let down is the taste. If they had pre-existed us, I would have still gone ahead and created Sugar & Spice thinking that there are no authentic high quality home baked cookies in the market.

I do have to give them credit though for coming up with a nice looking box. They also have a lot of time on their hands to arrange the cookies within the box and that also looks nice. I was just disappointed in the flavor, texture and appearance of the actual cookies.

Are you still in town or are you traveling?