Friday, August 22, 2008

El retrato y el cuerpo - Gallery Nights

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This seems to be an Art theme going on recently and that is most likely due to so many artistic events happening around this time. This unique event is part of Gallery Nights. The show starts the 29th of August, 7pm at Arenales 1415.

This time around this show is interactive. You the visitor, if you want to obviously, will have some makeup applied on the second floor, then on the third floor you will have your picture taken.

I don´t want to give anything away, but as you can imagine it´s not just a plain picture that will be taken. The third floor will be set up just for these pictures that will use the space, or the background as part of the total effect.

These pictures will be displayed simultaneously on an LCD screen downstairs for all to see and you could have your particular pictures e-mailed to your friends and family.

The pictures will form part of the show that will be exhibited for the whole month. I am sure to go to this one.

There will be champagne as well as Sugar & Spice cookies to nibble on while exploring the show. Anyone who takes their picture with a cookie and sends me the picture can have a free pack of their favorite cookies (the largest size pack of course to be picked up at our store).

pedidos at sugar and spice dot com dot ar

The show is organized by Omnes Artes, and Marca Futuro Arte, and held at La Europea.

This show is also sponsored by:


99 said...

Sounds great!
I might join you there.

godines said...

mmmhh. free cookies, that sounds good! and the art, of course. hehe

Unknown said...

Hi 99,

Great! You could send your picture to Yanqui Mike while he is out traveling/working. I hope to see you there. I will be early ´cause most likely I will help out my employee get settled.

godines, are you going to try to take a cookie to the photo shoot upstairs? Free cookies for you flaco. Remember to include me in the e-mail it is pedidos at sugarandspice dot com dot ar.

godines said...

you know i will, i'd do anything for sugar and spice cookies!

99 said...

Do we have to RSVP?

Unknown said...

Nope, it is open to the public and co-sponsored by yours truly.

Just show up.

I will be there early and most likely bug out early to be with the kiddies.

Besides I was out late last night at Sugar watching the Democratic convention and I am looking to a lot of sleeping tonight.

I hope I see you tonight.

godines said...

it was lots of fun friday night. we saw you there giving away cookies (we didn't want to bother you, so we didn't say hi), so thanks for that! we also got a picture taken with a chocolate chip cookie. still waiting for the pics... did you have fun?

Unknown said...


Hi! Actually if you ever see me at an event again, I really don´t mind a hello. I am very glad that you went and had fun.

I realize the cookie picture thing may have been quite difficult since the trays got emptied out so fast and the wait for the pictures got to be a little long at times. The cookies may not have made it to the picture in most cases.

Anyone who sends me their picture can come by the store for their free cookies.

Emepol said...

Hi! I came to your blog through the Maria Carrá's one.
I've been last friday at the "El retrato y el cuerpo" exhibition and even I taste a sample of your cookies. Congratulations, they are very delicious.
Nice blog, I´ll come here more often.

Unknown said...

Hi Emepol!

I am glad you were able to make it and enjoyed a cookie while you were there.

Thanks for the compliments!

Your blog is in my radar now as well.