Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rain of Biblical Proportions

Maybe if the rain doesn´t work they can switch to voodoo dolls. Meanwhile we still have States that would rather have our teachers not teach evolution.

At least there was a reply on Television to this sillyness and I post it below:

I know I seem to be all over the place with this, but really people. There is something wrong when we have to argue about the validity of teaching Evolution in our schools and having a segment of the population praying to their God for a political prank. Believe me, voodoo dolls are not that far a stretch from this.

I am currently living in one of the most religious countries on this continent and I don´t see nearly the same level of idiocies as I see coming from the religious right of the United States. Grant it, this group has it´s baggage ( a lot of bad history here and plenty to criticize), but that is a whole other ball of wax that I can´t tackle here.

Well if you must and you know Spanish you can go to Alerta Religion for that. If you want to read from the same author, but in English then you can click -here- and get a whole slew of material.

Meanwhile one of the most trusted names in the news industry is a comedian (Jon Stewart). He held a breakfast with the news media and my favorite quote from that event was "Why do I take this more seriously than you?".

Way to go Jon!

Maybe we do need rain of biblical proportions, but I would like this rain to wash away this idea that the church and the State have anything to do with each other and that it gets some reporters wet. I am a "Glass half full" kind of guy so I will take this as a good start.


danielkarlin said...

Great post, Frank. I think the cultural divide in the U.S. is deeper than most people realize (you being one of the exceptions). Even having to bring up the subject of whether or not evolution should be taught seems ludicrous to me. Everything evolves. In fact, I was inspired by your post here to do a post of my own about the evolution of wine, evolved wine and how it relates to the New York Times article. if you care to check it out.
It basically comes down to the fact that all things whether living, sentient, organic, inorganic or synthetic do evolve and in a way have lives of their own. I just wonder what the best way is to get this message across to people who have no FAITH in this subject. I think Mickey Mouse is a great place to start.

Anonymous said...

Great post Frank! It's a bit ironic that rain did come and instead of stopping the DNC, Gustav halted the first day of the RNC. I wonder if this guy thought that was a sign from God. If he did, he probably thought God gave McCain a great photo-op. Yep, the Lord works in mysterious ways. He brought on the rain and gave the Republicans the chance to pretend Katrina was the fault of the local government (democrats) at the time. But now that Louisiana has a Republican governor, Gustav would not be the disaster Katrina was. I was furious when I heard the Republicans blaming the Louisiana politicians and taking NONE of the blame themselves. Guess this guy's prayers worked. Go figure.

Unknown said...

Hi Daniel,

Yours is a very good step as well.

Thanks Inspirosity! I am baffled by the idea of a god that passes his or her time away listening to politicians and being nationalistic. Does god wear a US flag pin; a red tie; Union Jack underwear?