Monday, March 23, 2009

Speaking Presentation at BAIN

If you are in town this Friday, and you would be interested in hearing me talk about my company´s humble beginnings then you should head on over to ICANA on Friday.

BAIN has invited me to be the guest presenter this month and I will be talking about how I started Sugar & Spice way back in 2002.

There will obviously be free cookies to munch on.

The following is the BAIN invite, which they also published in the Buenos Aires Herald.

This month's Downtown BAIN meeting will be held Friday, March 27 from
**** 3 to 5 p.m. ****

We will be meeting at our usual location of ICANA, at Maipú 672 (downtown between Viamonte and Tucamán).

This month's program will be "Starting a Successful Business in Argentina." Our speaker is Frank E. Almeida, proprietor of Sugar & Spice, Palermo Hollywood. Thinking about starting a business in Argentina? Learn first-hand from someone who has succeeded in the process.

If you have any English language books that you would like to donate to ICANA, please bring them along.

For the meeting: Downtown members - no charge; Suburbs members - $AR5 crossover charge; guests - $AR10

Please RSVP via email to Bonnie at

We're going to have an after-meeting social, at Empire Thai, Tres Sargentos 427, about four blocks from ICANA. Everyone is invited!

See you at the meeting!


Fourpoint said...

Great job, enjoyed the meeting, and better yet the free Sugar and Spice brand cookies and brownies. Enjoyed the event and learned a lot about doing business here in Argentina.


Unknown said...

Thanks Fred, I had a great time myself.