Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Client - Avicar

Last year, sadly, al Queso, queso opted out of our relationship. Yes, I was dumped and I was sad to see them go.

Now I have another fiambreria type store that has picked up Sugar & Spice.

Avicar started out modestly in 1972 as a neighborhood butcher shop. The husband and wife team opened up shop in the barrio of Almagro.

Today they have 22 locations and are opening up one more this year. They are also going to start offering franchise opportunities and are betting big on Argentina.

The owners are fans of our cookies and they specifically asked their people to contact us to see if we would be interested in gracing their stores´s shelves.

Since products like ours are still relatively new in this market, they are testing us out in four locations:

If you are a customer of theirs, you now have one more place you can buy our cookies and pound cakes. If you haven´t tried Avicar, now is your chance.

They have grown from just a butcher shop and now they are a cross between a butcher shop, fiambrería, and neighborhood autoservicio (food market). You could actually get all your weekend grill shopping done in one place from the meat, to the salad ingredients, to wine and now yummy cookies for dessert. Psst, they also deliver!

If your nearest Avicar does not carry our cookies yet, let them know that you would really like it if they would. I don´t want this to be just a relationship on the rebound.
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