Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Haiku Anyone?

The Landing Pad is running a contest right now; in fact, it ends by midnight tonight. What´s the rub? You gotta come up with a Haiku, bonus points for using the words "Buenos Aires".

For those of you who need the ground rules for what a haiku is, it is a simple poem consisting of 3 lines. The syllable totals of each line are 5,7 and 5 respectively.

So if you would like a shot at winning a Sugar & Spice gift bag (worth $65 pesos) get your poetry muscles moving.

Here are some of my favorite ones so far (obviously I am going to like the ones that mention Sugar & Spice):

Happy to eat here
Sugar and Spice delightful
Buenos Aires smiles

Yum Yum Sweet Cookies
Yum for me and not for you
Gourmet goodnessy

With Sugar and Spice
City of Buenos Aires
So good for the soul

Cookies para mi?
Oh que bueno it would be
Ganar los goodies!

Sugar and Spice cookies
are my drug and my weakness
I wanna be intoxicated now!

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