Thursday, July 23, 2009

Un Bacio Per Favore

Looks like I won´t have to wait until I am in the duty free shops anymore to get my fix of baci.

Coming to a store near you in Buenos Aires...

Keep your eyes peeled and your hearts open...

"I baci sono come il sole: mettono in fuga le ombre."
"Kisses are like the Sun, they make the shadows fly away."

The suggested retail price is supposed to be $14,99


Tina said...

Baci!!!!!!! I went to university in the town where they are from! (Perugia) I thought I'd already seen them in Argentina but maybe I'm thinking of something else... Those are my favorite, especially because of the love notes inside the wrappers.

P.S. It's 'un bacio" for the singular...

Unknown said...

Hi Tina,

I have only seen them in the duty free shops in town. Thanks for the correction!

Angela said...

I love the notes inside too... of course they'd be irrelevant if the baci themselves weren't so darn good. So, what store are we talking about? Are you going to carry Baci, Frank? I'll seriously have to join the gym if baci and nutella become easy to find. Dulce de leche has just never done it for me. I like it with panqueques but I'm always aware that nutella would taste better. Breakfast of toast (Italian bread from Puglia) and nutella with a good italian cappuccino... now we're talking. Mmmm hazelnuts. Can't beat them.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Angela,

You need to either shop at the big Carrefours or at Jumbo to get your Nutella fix. I got the news through the Kiosko grapevine, which leads me to think they will be in the kioskos, but I don't think it's a kiosko product unless they are going to sell them individually.

I don't know where they are going to sell them. Once I find out, or if anyone else out there does, please write back with your findings.

Angela, if you tell me what area you are in I could try and find out where you can get your Nutella.

By the way, you know how people here spread dulce de leche on brownies for a quick dulce de leche cake? Try doing the same with Nutella. Although I love dulce de leche, Nutella on a brownie is way better.

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I love this stuff!

<3 Lindsay