Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jocks vs Geeks

I know this is already about a week old by the time I post it here. Both the geek and jock in me really loves this speech, so I could not help but share this with you in case you have not seen it yet.


I admit that I have not known of John Hodgman before I started to see him in the Mac ads.

I then started to hear of him on public radio. He is a contributor to This American Life, which happens to be one of my favorite programs.

I also heard him on The Moth--another favorite of mine. I then learned that he has written a couple of books and that he is also a contributor on the Daily Show as a "Resident Expert". That show is brilliant in every way.

So I guess I am a John Hodgman fan and part of the time I did not even know it. So does that make me a Jock or a Geek (c'mon it's John Hodgman)?

Which one are you?

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