Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anuva Wine Tastings

This is one of those things that have been going on under my nose, in my own neighborhood, and I am just realizing of its existence.

I have known Daniel Karlin of Anuva Wines for some time now. We have shared some beer and some laughs till the wee hours of the morning actually. And, just last week he asked me if I would like to attend one of his wine tastings.

I know, I know, he has invited me to lots of events and he could probably be the first to tell you that it's not easy to get me out of the house. When I get home I am exhausted most nights.

But, I am glad I went out this night. Daniel ran a great wine tasting. The set up is in a very nice new hotel in Palermo Hollywood called Rendez-vouz. It's very stylish and would probably be even better if they pampered their guests with Sugar & Spice cookies (hint, hint Rendez-vouz).

But, this is Dan's gig so back to the wine. The tables had 7 glasses per person waiting to receive the different wines.

We started with Hom Sparkling that was paired with a modified waldorf salad. The wine itself had a light lemon/lime aroma and green apple tart in the mouth with a nice crisp acidity.

I could only imagine this going really well with my own lemon poppy-seed pound cake.

Each wine was paired with a specific food that ranged from cheeses, to sausages, to chocolates.

What was great about this wine tasting is that it was not boring or technical in nature. We got to sample all of the wines right next to each other and they were paired with food. Daniel kept moving it along, but it was not rushed. In fact, I got to meet and talk to the people that were seated at my table. We were able to listen to Daniel talk a little bit about the wine, and we were also able to talk amongst ourselves as well.

I met a woman from Australia who was touring South America and this was the last leg of her tour. I also met a couple who are living here for 5 months. He is a US history professor that has been to Argentina before and this time he wanted to come back with his family so they could experience just how cool this place really is.

For those people who were vacationing from the States they had the added bonus that they could also join Daniel's wine club and be able to purchase wines to be delivered to their home. I don't know about you, but I hate lugging around bottles through airports.

The wines he carries are small boutique wines that are not available at large retailers so that is also another big plus.

He finished the night with one of my new favorite wines from Durigutti.

If you are reading this in the States and you want to try to recreate our wine tasting experience you can go to Anuva Wine Club's site where you can order any of these wines and have them delivered to your home.

Wines Tasted:
Hom Sparkling
Coiron Torrontes by Palo Alto
Mairena Bonarda
San Gimignano Syrah
Callejon del Crimen Sangiovese by Finca La Luz
Durigutti Reserva Malbec

I had a previous wine tasting paired with my cookies. This got me to thinking about the possibility of doing this sort of thing again.

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Fourpoint said...

I´ve also had a chance to sit in on a wine tasting with
Daniel, I was chauffeuring clients and had suggested Anuva´s wine tasting. Although I could not partake (no drinking and driving) I was quite impressed with the presentation, then the opportunity to buy wine at great prices after, and even have them shipped.

I´ve also had an airport transfer from the RV hotel, I hear the owner is French, I want to show him my awesome new French C6 Exclusive! It´s an awesome executive car that rides like a dream on these rough BsAs roads.

Frank, I want to give out Sugar and Spice samples again to those heading to Palermo for extended stays...

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Unknown said...

@Jo - Thanks
@Fred - You got it. Let me know when you can come by and I will leave you some product just like last time.