Thursday, September 23, 2010

Forest by the Beach: Carilo

One of the places that always seemed to come up as a natural for us to be in has been Carilo. This is a vacation spot that is very popular and a bit exclusive.

I remember going for a weekend when my wife was pregnant with our first daughter.

The roads were not paved (on purpose within the town) and it had rained so it was a very bumpy ride. So it was cold, rainy and windy, and very few people around.

All the peace and quite was actually quite welcoming, not like the weekend reflected in these pictures.

Now you have larger hotels and it was in danger of just growing out of control. There is still a lot of demand for this place, but they are slowing it down.

Apart from the large complexes you have some very impressive homes nestled nicely among the trees of the forest of Carilo.

And you also get pretty close to nature...

Now we managed to have two clients in Carilo after years of trying. One is the AguaCalma mentioned at the top of this post. Quite honestly, it sounds like a perfect match. This location is trying to offer the very best to their guests and they have our products as welcome gifts.

This place gets it! Just from reading their website I am tempted to go back for a long weekend.

The other place that has some of our products is La Proveeduria. Here is a picture I found of it on Flickr:

Cariló La Proveeduría

Carilo is about 300km from Buenos Aires and it is a peaceful beautiful forest town with a beach. If you are visiting Buenos Aires and you would like a quick escape to relax then you can't really go wrong with this town.

And to add to the enjoyment of this place now you can also have access to your favorite Sugar and Spice cookies, pound cakes, and brownies!

It just can't get much better than that.

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