Friday, January 7, 2011

Metrobus, Buenos Aires, and Other Improvements

Driving in Argentina is another of my pet peeves. Yes, I love living here and proof of that love is not ignoring the ugly side.

The city, finally, has started to invest in infrastructure. Since I have been here it has looked like it has just been forgotten.

Now they actually have construction crews on the streets; they have reversed traffic flows on some streets. In Palermo there used to be three streets in between Honduras and Cordoba that all went in the same direction. I never understood what genius set that up to begin with.

They are working on a relief tunnel to help combat the flooding along Juan B. Justo. This one directly affects me as well since we get flooded on a yearly basis.

They started building bike lanes in the city; expanding the subways; putting more and more tasks on line so you don´t have schlep your way downtown and stand in lines; gave the citizens the ability to take pictures of drivers breaking the law and turning those pictures in!

It´s as if the city is starting to wake up from a very long slumber and hopefully this is just the very beginning.

There is still much to do and to improve. Meanwhile, I like what I am finally seeing and there will be a little bit less ugly to ignore or at the very least, I might not have to invest in hip waders anymore.
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