Sunday, January 2, 2011

Customer-Server communication

Guest Post by Fernando of BA Cast:responding to my post "Is Argentina Too Efficient?"

OK, here's my move, Frank:

I don't know if Argentina is too efficient, but the customer-server communication works in a different way . One in which the former has a little more responsibility in informing his or her tastes, preferences, and recommendations...if you want a particular beer, it's up to you to ask: "¿have you got beer X, beer on tap, whatever?" if you order a piece of meat without clarifying anything, it comes "a punto" (is that "medium"? I always get lost with those scales)...if you want it some other way, you ask in advance.

I remember feeling like a moron in a bagel store in Manhattan, because I wanted A bagel. Un bagel. I wanted to try my first NY bagel, plain, a secas, sin nada, no toppings. How would I know how it really tastes if I attack it with cream cheese, bacon, eggs, peanut butter, chocolate? It took me three times to make the guy understand I just wanted A PLAIN BAGEL WITH NOTHING ELSE, NOT EVEN TOASTED. And it wasn't a language thing: the staff were all Spanish-speaking. They just wouldn't compute the request: "One bagel, please"...

If I want it with something on top, or toasted, or filled, it's in my interest to ask that. If they sell bagels, or beer for that matter, they should give me one. No questions asked.

In Truco language, I just gave my "Quiero Retruco", to your "Truco".

(Truco's a card game, that's all about teasing, lying and bluffing, like Poker but much, much funnier)

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