Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Music Feature: Tycho

Once in a while iTunes gives out a free song that turns me on to some new acts that I have never heard of before and that I absolutely fall head over heals in love with.

De ves en cuando iTunes regala una canción que me da a conocer un artista a quien nunca había escuchado y con quien me enamoro inmediatamente.

Tycho's music is soothing, it's beautiful and hopeful sounding music. The album cover is a perfect symbol for the music that lays behind it.

 La música de Tycho es relajante, bella y llena de esperanza. La foto del disco nuevo es un simbolo perfecto de la música que representa.

You can listen to the whole album here.

Se puede escuchar todo el nuevo álbum acá.

Meanwhile I leave you with the song that is playing at Sugar & Spice.

Mientras tanto les dejo para escuchar la canción que tenemos en el local de Sugar & Spice.

ISO50 - Tycho's blog


Maria said...

Thanks for sharing! I was missing your Friday music features! Always a pleasure to listen to...beso Maria

Holly said...

Your unintentional spelling mistake, heals, sums up the the vibration of the music. Very uplifting and energizing!

Unknown said...

Thanks Maria!

Holly, I think I caught it, or at least I had caught another one. Do you still see it?