Saturday, June 30, 2012

4th of July in Argentina!

One of the reasons we originally picked the 4th of July weekend for our Annual Chili Cookoff was because there was nothing to do.

Una de las razones por la cual elegimos el fin de semana de independencia de EEUU para el Chili Cookoff fue porque no había nada para hacer.
Being away from home, missing the hot day, watching fireworks and eating BBQ with friends... that was a long time ago.
Estando lejos de nuestro país, extrañando los días cálidos, mirando los fuegos artificiales y disfrutando de un BBQ con amigos... bueno eso fue hace mucho.
We thought we deserved better and it looks like we are not the only ones in thinking so.
Nosotros pensábamos que nos merecíamos algo mejor, y parece que no somos los únicos.
The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl is putting together a 4th of July party! In fact, they are calling it "the craziest party of the year".
The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl esta armando una fiesta de 4 de Julio! Es más, ellos están diciendo que va a ser la fiesta más loca del año!

If you look at some of the pictures in their events albums I think you can safely agree that they just might be able to pull off what they say.
Si miran las fotos de sus álbumes, creo que si alguien puede hacer esas declaraciones serían ellos.

"Celebrate the USA's birthday with what could possibly be the craziest party of the year. We'll be parting at Lazaro - decked out with more stars and stripes than the White House on Flag Day. Spend the night sipping on drinks and dancing to the sounds of DJ Matt Ashley with 500 other wild and tipsy pub crawlers that bring all the fireworks you'll need this July 4th. Top the night off with out of control surprises that will keep you guessing all night long"
doors open at 12
happy hour till 1:30 on yankee drinks

Tickets at the entrance
Girls 60 pesos, Guys 80

Girls 30 pesos, Guys 40
(con ticket de consumición)

Tickets will be sold from 1pm to 6pm at Anker (Viamonte y Montevideo)
Sunday pre-sale tickets will be sold at the 2nd Annual Buenos Aires Cookoff!

**for more information send an email to under the header Captain America!!**

Para más información enviar un mail a bajo el titulo de "Captain America!!

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