Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama in Spanish and Fox "News"

**The following is a post that I wrote for Democrats Abroad.

I found this video on a blog in Spanish called "Bloc de Periodistas" by Darío Gallo.

Snooping around I found that there are a whole bunch of these types of videos. Call me naive, unplugged from the reality of what is going on in the United States; but, really, has there ever been this type of attention on a presidential hopeful before?

Now the flip side to this positive attention. I have first-hand listened from some friends and family the lies that have been thrown out there by Fox News. This "news" program is so irresponsible. They have to constantly tell people that they are "fair and balanced" because that is exactly what they are not. Just place "un" in front of those two words and it begins to be a more realistic slogan for them. Try it, they are Unfair and Unbalanced. Doesn't that feel better? If you don´t believe me just start googling the subject after watching this video below and you will get a whole bunch of material.

As an added bonus I am including a link to a blog that tracks all the nonsense that Fox News dishes out. Part of their slogan is "We Watch Fox So You Dont Have To" brought to you by News Hounds. I am so glad they are sacrificing like that.


Marce said...

oh yeah, fox news is quite special like that. They have it on Direct Tv so I watch it occasionally either for a quick laugh or to get outraged, it depends on my mood.
Anyways, totally out of topic here, but I saw this video of the cookie monster on the Colbert report and thought of you

Anonymous said...

Yeah fox news always has been like that . I seldom watch it , with crime serials filling the prime time slots.

Unknown said...

Hi Finance,

I hardly watch it as well, but it just amazes me that something like this is still around. I just started spotting the trend behind all of the news outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch. Yeah, I am slow, but I just never really paid too much attention to this stuff before. Better late than never.

ng2000 said...

Another resource for you: